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In this section you will find a selection of blogs by travellers interested in the area of Asia and the Pacific, with first hand information and advice in order to travel to the Asian continent. If you have a blog about Asia and the Pacific and you would like us to include it in this section, you can send us your link to


Viajando por Japón

Viajando por Japón is a blog that belongs to a travel agency specialised in Japan aims to make Spanish tourists' visits to Japan easier and vice versa. It offers all kind of information related to the Japanese culture: gastronomy, festivals as leisure places.

Memorias del Mundo

Memorias del Mundo is a travel blog that aims to explain places and societies from a social point of view.

Quaderns de Viatge

This blog has an extensive description of trips all around the world putting a special emphasis in the Asian continent. Made and thought in Catalan, it is a compilation of experiences made by travellers eager to know and to understand customs from each country they visit. Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia and even a Silk Route report have a privileged spot in this deep analysis of the most multicultural as well as exotic continent of the world.

Buscando Historias - China

This blog is actually an ambitious website project that publishes histories from all around the world in all kinds of formats, combining video with journalistic articles. The Chinese section presents reports excellently created that show us the reality of a country in a trustworthy fashion and with a perfect formal structure.

Filipinas Única

This blog belongs to a travel agency that invites us to discover one of the most exotic countries in the whole Pacific Ocean, the Philippines. Apart from suggesting us destinations and routes through the islands, they update frequently with entries about culture or gastronomy. Without a doubt, this is a great interactive opportunity to get closer to this oceanic wonder with the tempting offer to give a chance on paying a visit.

Otro viaje en las mochilas

Personal blog of a Spanish couple that loves travelling. Their destinations include countries like Thailand, China, Indonesia or Vietnam amongst many others. Apart from sharing their experiences, they suggest their travelling routes if you wish to follow their steps.

Mundo Nómada

Món Nomada intends to motivate, inspire and help anyone that taking time off, either 2 weeks or a year, decides to leave to travel or work for the world.

Caminos fotográficos

Blog personal de Nacho Sayas dedicado a Filipinas. El autor es un fotoperiodista español afincado en Manila y Barcelona que a través de sus trabajos fotográficos nos muestra los diferentes contrastes de la capital filipina. Podréis descubrir sus paisajes, la comida típica del país y hasta retratos sobre su gente, entre muchas otras cosas.

Sin mapa

Blog personal de una argentina que ha viajado por diferentes países asiáticos. En él podréis encontrar toda la información necesaria para organizar vuestro viaje a Asia a traves de consejos, una guía práctica por países y ciudades y sus propias experiencias personales. Aunque está dirigido especialmente a mujeres de habla hispana, la información es útil para todo viajero curioso.

Indonesia and more

Gildo's Kaldorana personal blog dedicated to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. The blogger who lives between Barcelona, ​​San Sebastian and Jakarta offers advice, words in Indonesian, recipes and other curiosities surrounding these countries.

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