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Title Country Date
Course: "India with a Woman's Face. The Perspective of its Writers" CANCELLED Bangladesh 2014/01/24 19:30
Encounter with the Korean Writer Kim Ae-Ran South Korea 2018/03/14 19:00
Book Launch: "Corre, pare, corre!" by Kim Ae-ran South Korea 2017/02/28 19:00
Course: "India with a Woman's Face. The Perspective of its Writers" CANCELLED Bangladesh 2013/10/04 19:30
Course: "Introduction to Chinese Literature" CANCELLED Spain 2014/01/23 19:00
Roundtable: "A Plural Vision of Korean Literature" CANCELLED Spain 2017/10/17 19:00
Lecture "Science and Literature in 21st Century Persia: Omar Jayyam" Spain 2016/05/17 19:00
Roundtable: "Between bedroom gossips and the purification of the heart" Spain 2010/11/29 19:00
Course: "Contemporary Japanese Literature: An Approach from Texts" CANCELLED Japan 2013/09/30 16:30
Course “India through Literature: a female look at India, with its authors” CANCELLED Spain 2017/02/15 19:00
Course: "Japanese Autobiographic Literature. Mishima, Ôe and Murakami" Spain 2017/11/21 18:35
Conference: "Literature in the Antipodes" Spain 2016/05/05 18:30
Talk with Yu Hua "The Frozen Story: Between Kafka and Lu Xun" Spain 2013/11/05 19:30
Book launch: "El botones de Kabul" Spain 2010/10/28 19:00
Course “India through Literature: a female look at India, with its authors” Spain 2016/11/16 19:00
Series of Indian Literature: "Llegim l'Índia" Spain 2011/10/06 13:07
Encounter with Sayaka Murata: "Japanese Current Women and Literature" Spain 2019/02/18 19:00
Course: "Japanese Women's Literature" Spain 2012/01/16 19:00
Lecture "Rubén Darío and Japan: the poet who was never there" Spain 2017/03/21 19:00
Roundtable: "The Art of Translation of Chinese Literature” Spain 2013/11/26 19:00
Presentation of the poetic anthology: “Con Vietnam (1968)” Spain 2017/03/09 19:00
Course: "From Sôseki to Murakami. Panorama of Japanese Modern Literature" Japan 2013/09/30 19:00
Course: "Asian Perspective of Criminal Narrative" All of them 2013/10/01 19:00
Festival of Asian Literature Spain 2011/05/02 19:42
Book Encounter: "Resonancias orientales en la obra de Juan Navarro Baldeweg. La vuelta de Hiroshige" Spain 2017/03/30 19:00
Course: "Female Travelling to Asia" CANCELLED Spain 2013/11/11 10:30
Lecture: “The World of Chinguíz Aitmátov” Spain 2013/12/19 19:00
Guided Literary Gatherings on Chinese Authors Spain 2017/09/28 19:00
Roundtable "3 Women, 3 Generations, 3 Stories: the East under the sky of Barcelona" + Exhibition: "Female Chinese Literature" Spain 2019/03/07 10:00
Roundtable with the writer Mai Jia: "Chinese Literature in the World" Spain 2018/11/23 17:45


List of Results
Title Country Date
The Media Library celebrates Sant Jordi 2016 All of them 2016/04/14 09:10
Literary Route of India All of them 2012/10/01 07:55
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