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Lecture "25 Years of Transformation in Vietnam: The Agricultural Experience in the North" Spain 2013/04/22 18:00
Lecture "Afghanistan, 2001-2012: Hamid Karzai's Government facing the Taliban Insurgency" Spain 2012/01/17 19:00
Lecture: "The Japanese Garden" Spain 2012/03/19 19:30
Lecture: "From Russia's Adhesion to China's Experience in the WTO" Spain 2012/03/21 10:00
Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku: "The culture of flower in Japanese aesthetics" Spain 2017/10/26 19:00
Roundtable "North Korea: Architecture at the Service of an Ideology" Spain 2012/04/19 19:00
Lecture: "Challenges of Chinese Urbanisation in the 21st Century" Spain 2016/04/25 19:00
Encounter "India: Emergent Power-Emerged Market" Spain 2014/06/10 18:00
Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku: "The vitalist conception of nature in Shintoism" Spain 2017/09/28 19:00
Lecture "Aral Sea: Destruction and Recovery" Spain 2011/05/05 19:00
Lecture: "The Essence of Chinese Architecture" Spain 2014/11/11 19:00
Dialogue “East and West: Art as a Spiritual Experience?” Spain 2015/04/28 19:00
Lecture: "History of Karate in Spain" Spain 2016/02/04 19:00
Lecture on Shinrinyoku, Forest Bath Spain 2017/02/15 19:00
Lecture "Contra el arte de la guerra: Mozi in the Shadow of Confucianism" Spain 2012/11/29 19:00
Lecture: "Bombay. The Role of Education in the Struggle against Margination" Spain 2011/06/14 19:00
Lecture "The Current Political Panorama of Iran: Challenges and Opportunities, a Vision from the United States" Spain 2011/09/26 19:00
Session: "Business Opportunities in ASEAN Countries" Spain 2014/10/02 18:00
Lecture "Spain and China, 32 Years of Relations: From Diplomatic Recognition to the Strategic Alliance" Spain 2015/06/11 19:00
Lecture: "B.R. Ambedkar, Leader of the Dalits" Spain 2015/06/16 18:30
Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku "To enter the picture and walk poems around: nature in Chinese tradition" Spain 2017/11/30 19:00
Casa Asia at the International Art Forum in Seoul Spain 2013/11/15 13:07
Lecture: "Renewable Energy" Spain 2011/03/15 19:00
Lecture "Science and Literature in 21st Century Persia: Omar Jayyam" Spain 2016/05/17 19:00
Lecture: "Stereotypes and Prejudices of current Iran" Spain 2010/11/10 19:30
Lecture “Nomad Identities: Asian Artists in Spain from a Gender Perspective” Spain 2013/03/13 19:00
ASEAN DAY: "ASEAN, the New Border for the International Expansion of Companies" Spain 2012/12/10 10:45
Lecture: “India in South Africa. From Plantation Workers to Rainbow Nation Citizens” Spain 2014/10/13 18:30
Lecture: "Can China afford a Sustainable Economic Growth?" Spain 2015/05/13 19:00
Lecture: "Transforming Pedagogy" Spain 2011/03/17 19:00
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