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Lectures "Chinese Megacities: Tendencies and Issues for a Sustainable Urban Development" Spain 2012/06/21 19:00
Lecture: "Challenges of Chinese Urbanisation in the 21st Century" Spain 2016/04/25 19:00
Conference: "Business Opportunities for Spanish Companies in Bangladesh" Spain 2017/02/23 10:30
Lecture: "The Chinese Society of the 21st Centruy" Spain 2019/03/05 19:00
Lecture "Current Non Violent Movements: Gandhi's Legacy" Spain 2011/06/15 19:00
Lecture "Afghanistan, 2001-2012: Hamid Karzai's Government facing the Taliban Insurgency" Spain 2012/01/17 19:00
Lecture: “For a World without Nuclear Weapons” Spain 2015/02/05 19:00
Lecture: «Documentaries in China: A Retrospective» Spain 2011/10/27 19:00
Lecture: "China, Japan and India, global economic driving forces" Spain 2010/11/29 17:00
Lecture "Modern Uzbekistan: Regional Policies, Economy and Challenges" Spain 2015/03/17 19:00
Lecture: "Old Myths and Current Forms of Orientalism" Spain 2011/05/25 19:00
Lecture: "Civil Society and Democracy in Pakistan" Spain 2012/01/23 19:00
Session: "Business Opportunities in ASEAN Countries" Spain 2014/10/02 18:00
Lecture: "Seeds of Hope in the Heart" Spain 2016/03/31 19:00
Lecture "25 Years of Transformation in Vietnam: The Agricultural Experience in the North" Spain 2013/04/22 18:00
Lecture-presentation: "How do the Japanese do it. A Cultural Approach to do Business with Japan" Spain 2014/06/26 19:00
Lecture "Spain and China, 32 Years of Relations: From Diplomatic Recognition to the Strategic Alliance" Spain 2015/06/11 19:00
Lecture "Rubén Darío and Japan: the poet who was never there" Spain 2017/03/21 19:00
Dialogue “East and West: Art as a Spiritual Experience?” Spain 2015/04/28 19:00
Conference "Indonesia: Consolidated Democracy and Engine of Economic Growth in Asia" Spain 2012/11/19 09:30
Lecture: "Maki-e in Urushi Lacquer. Art in Evolution with Millennial History" Spain 2016/12/01 19:00
Lecture: "History and Treasures of the Silk Route" Spain 2010/11/04 19:30
Lecture: "India as a Major Actor in the Emerging Global Order" Spain 2011/01/26 19:00
Lecture: "Renewable Energy" Spain 2011/03/15 19:00
Lecture “Elections of last 7th of November: A new future for Myanmar/Burma?” Spain 2010/11/17 19:30
Lecture "Mother India: A Trip to the Deepest Part of India" Spain 2012/03/28 19:00
Lecture: “Direct Investment Legal Forms of Chinese Companies in Spain. Brief Approach to Collateral Labour Aspects of Investment" Spain 2012/04/26 19:00
Lecture: "Globalization, Gate Keeper Institutions and the Art World as System" Spain 2013/02/18 19:00
Lecture: "The construction of shintō and Japanese mythology" Spain 2017/11/27 19:00
Exhibition: "The Afghan Passage" Spain 2012/11/16 19:00
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