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Title Country Date
Casa Asia at the Film Fair Spain 2016/01/29 16:30
Advanced Course of Marugoto Japanese Language - A1-2 Level (afternoon timetable) Spain 2019/01/15 19:00
Course of Persian Language - Level 2 Spain 2018/09/26 09:44
Advanced Course of Marugoto Japanese Language - A2-3 Level (afternoon timetable) Spain 2019/01/17 19:00
Casa Asia at LOOP 2016 Spain 2016/06/04 20:00
Casa Asia at 2018 Manga Fair Spain 2018/11/01 10:05
The Asia Festival turns to Central Asia on the tenth anniversary Spain 2011/09/16 09:24
Presentation of ”la Caixa”-Casa Asia 2014 Scholarships for Asia and the Pacific Spain 2014/01/28 19:00
Japanese Courses: JFS – Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Mornings) Spain 2014/09/23 11:55
Presentation: "The Raku Experience" Spain 2016/09/07 19:00
Casa Asia at the Manga Fair Spain 2017/11/01 11:42
Casa Asia opens registrations to official courses of Japanese language designed by Japan Foundation Spain 2019/01/09 19:00
Casa Asia at Japan Weekend of Barcelona Spain 2015/03/07 10:00
Film Series: "East of Eden" Spain 2016/06/25 16:04
Marugoto Japanese Language Courses (mornings and afternoons) Spain 2017/09/18 12:49
Madrid celebrates Chinese New Year Spain 2017/01/29 12:00
Course "Mindfulness: Cultivation of Full Awareness" India 2013/05/08 11:00
Course of Yogafullness Spain 2016/01/22 18:30
Korean Music and Gastronomy at Casa Asia Spain 2016/01/29 19:15
2013 ASIA FESTIVAL Spain 2013/09/20 13:46
7th Spain-Korea Forum Spain 2012/07/26 12:00
Hindi Conversation Course Spain 2013/05/17 19:00
Exhibition of Casa Asia's Music Collection Spain 2014/02/10 09:00
Courses of initiation to Japanese language (mornings) Spain 2018/09/21 10:00
Open Registrations for Japanese Courses (JFS) Spain 2018/04/05 16:35
The third edition of Casa Asia Film Week arrives with the best Asian films of the latest years Spain 2015/11/11 20:00
Advanced Course of Marugoto Japanese Language - A2B1-1 Level (afternoon timetable) Spain 2019/01/09 19:00
Courses of initiation to Japanese language (afternoons) Spain 2018/09/27 19:00


List of Results
Title Country Date
Information for Media Library users All of them 2018/05/15 14:45
2012 Ruy de Clavijo chosen projects All of them 2011/07/08 07:14
Correos signs an agreement with Casa Asia to introduce its parcels service in the Asian market All of them 2012/01/09 17:02
13th Asia Festival: Music and Stage Arts from Asia once again at Mercè Festival All of them 2014/07/24 07:43
Asia at Mercè Festival All of them 2015/07/30 08:53
A representation of the Indian Women’s Press Corp and the Indian economist Tushar Pandey visit Casa Asia All of them 2013/09/30 14:34
Casa Asia opens 2015-2016 course registrations and will draw lots for registration fees on Facebook All of them 2015/09/04 07:29
The 4th Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women shows the Importance of Giving Women and Local Communities Protagonism within the Tourism Sector All of them 2013/11/29 16:07
Quaterni Publishing House makes a Book Donation to Casa Asia All of them 2015/02/16 15:20
The 7th Korea-Spain Forum emphasizes the importance of working together to come out of the recession South Korea 2012/07/30 12:17
Reading Recommendations for this Summer All of them 2016/07/12 10:35
Casa Asia Timetable for the Public Holiday in December All of them 2012/12/05 11:00
The Asia Festival turns to Central Asia on the tenth anniversary All of them 2011/07/15 10:41
Casa Asia's Timetable for Easter All of them 2013/03/26 11:30
Have you planned on visiting Asia? Casa Asia's Media Library offers these Travel Kits All of them 2016/05/19 14:10
The Media Library welcomes the most romantic of you! All of them 2016/02/09 11:10
The 12th Asia Festival concludes with the sign “sold out tickets” and continues its tour around several towns of Catalonia All of them 2013/09/25 11:42
Recommendations of Casa Asia's Media Library for Christmas All of them 2016/12/05 11:59
Casa Asia Headquarters Timetable during the Christmas Holidays All of them 2012/12/21 10:09
"La Caixa" and Casa Asia Scholarships to study an MBA in China or India (2011) All of them 2011/04/06 11:05
Casa Asia timetable for Christmas holidays All of them 2011/12/22 17:42
Casa Asia's Timetable for Easter All of them 2012/04/05 08:40
Shanghai Technology Fair is presented at Casa Àsia All of them 2014/11/20 16:31
Ramón María Moreno González, New General Director of Casa Asia All of them 2012/03/30 14:11
Casa Asia Centre-Madrid moves to Cañete Palace Spain 2015/01/12 11:33
Valencia City Council becomes part of the High Board of Casa Asia All of them 2013/07/09 14:05
The Media Library recommends bibliography for a healthy life All of them 2017/02/02 14:37
Casa Asia's Media Library reopens its Doors Spain 2014/02/28 11:41
Casa Asia Media Library's Christmas Recommendations All of them 2015/12/11 09:20
Casa Asia Award 2012 All of them 2012/02/15 11:57
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