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Title Country Date
Lecture “Who dances with Amir Khusro? The Alternative Path of South Asian Sufism – Its Glories and its Pitfalls” Spain 2015/05/27 19:00
War and Peace in the 21st Century. Peace and prosperity in East Asia: A regional challenge of global concern Spain 2014/01/18 09:30
Seminar: "Travel Anthropology" Spain 2017/02/15 18:30
AsiaMedia: Seminar of Spanish Correspondents in Asia Spain 2018/12/20 09:30
Courses of Asian languages Spain 2011/01/31 09:00
Anthropology course: "Ways to travel" Spain 2017/07/04 18:30
Roundtable: "The natural resources of Central Asia in the new geo-energetic map of Asia in the 21st century" Spain 2012/01/19 19:00
Seminar: "Travel Anthropology" Spain 2016/10/05 18:30
Concert "Unit Asia" Spain 2013/02/08 20:00
Asia Festival 2012 Spain 2012/09/21 21:00
Concert of Barcelona Coral Asia Spain 2012/10/21 14:00
8th Concert of Barcelona Coral Asia owing to the World Day for Cultural Diversity Spain 2013/05/21 19:00
Seminar: "Travel Anthropology" Spain 2014/10/15 18:30
Lecture "The Legal Regime of Importations to the European Union: Practical Matters" Spain 2012/02/08 19:00
Roundtable "To Study East Asia: A New Scenario?" Spain 2012/09/12 19:00
1st Edition of Global Asia Awards Spain 2012/11/22 19:00
Informative Conference "Asia-Pacific: Business Destination for Catalan Companies and Successful Cases" Spain 2012/02/22 08:45
#ASIABCN, the Asian look of current Barcelona Spain 2015/10/07 18:30
Presentation: “Asia Sourcing” Spain 2012/05/09 16:00
Seminars about Asia Spain 2012/08/13 09:26
Films of Asia at "El Ojo Cojo" Festival of Madrid Spain 2011/10/07 19:45
Session "Business Synergies between Latin America and Asia: Is the Spanish Business Experience in Latin America useful for Business in Asia?" Spain 2013/06/04 19:00
RdM Encounter | Museology Magazine at Casa Asia Centre-Madrid All of them 2016/03/16 19:00
Lecture "Commercial Ties between Asia and Africa: Economic Impact and Implications for European Companies" All of them 2012/01/30 19:00
Performance of Intercultural Forum Theatre Spain 2013/12/14 18:00
Talk and Reading: “Stories around a Heater, an Afghan Voice” Spain 2014/03/06 19:00
Roundtable “Mexico-Asia: History of a Relationship” Spain 2012/01/11 19:00
Encounter: "Art through Mobile Phones" All of them 2013/05/14 19:30
Next Stop: Asia. Practical Advice for Travellers Spain 2014/07/08 15:50
Game and Leisure Fair: "Play and Learn" Spain 2013/11/30 10:00


List of Results
Title Country Date
To Empower Women and Local Communities in the Tourism Sector is the new challenge of the Network of Asian and Spanish Women All of them 2013/12/09 17:30
Macau: Eastern “Las Vegas” China 2014/11/18 16:46
Casa Asia's Course Offer for the First Term of 2016 in Barcelona and Madrid All of them 2015/12/17 17:59
The most participative Asia Festival gives priority to Asian communities All of them 2012/08/07 12:20
The International Congress on Asian Tourism provides the Keys to attract Asian Tourists All of them 2013/04/20 08:46
4th Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women “Advancing in Equality: Tourism Opportunities in Spain and Southeast Asia” All of them 2013/11/08 11:42
The Economic Board of Casa Asia holds its Annual Meeting and establishes its Roadmap for 2014 All of them 2013/11/25 14:44
Asia Innova Valencia: Networking start-up cities All of them 2017/11/06 12:14
New Offer of Courses and Workshops in Barcelona for the First Term of 2014 All of them 2013/12/19 15:25
Asia Innova Madrid: Connecting Smart Cities between Asia and Europe All of them 2017/11/06 12:14
Asian Countries lead the Ranking of the 2012 PISA REPORT All of them 2013/12/04 11:21
Casa Asia turns to cooperation among Asian and European cities Japan 2017/12/14 10:55
Asia at Mercè Festival All of them 2015/07/30 08:53
The Best Asian Cinema returns to Barcelona with the festival Casa Asia Film Week All of them 2014/10/28 11:56
Are you going to Asia? Casa Asia Media Library offers you Travel Kits All of them 2011/06/21 11:00
Ash in the Purest White, Best Film of the Official Section of Asian Film Festival Barcelona 2018 All of them 2018/11/12 13:01
UOC opens the enrolment process for the East Asia Studies programme Japan 2013/01/24 11:33
Global MBA (GMBA) All of them 2012/09/05 08:04
The Afghan Film “Wajma” wins the Award to the Best Film of Casa Asia Film Week Afghanistan 2014/11/16 17:54
The third edition of the International Congress on Asian Tourism will be held at SITC All of them 2013/02/08 08:51
Asian Photography, Vedic Singing, Japanese Flute… new courses at Casa Asia in 2015! All of them 2014/12/18 15:23
New Catalogue of Courses and Workshops in Barcelona for the Fourth Term of 2014 All of them 2014/07/18 11:29
Gil J. González: ”The Visa Management has tripled in 10 years” All of them 2012/12/10 11:16
Casa Asia hosts the Biotechnology Spanish-India Forum India 2013/05/17 11:11
The Asian Development Bank forecasts Stable Growth for Asian Economies All of them 2014/04/11 10:46
Asian cinema arrives in Barcelona with a new AFFBCN edition All of them 2018/07/24 12:11
Are you going to Asia? Casa Asia Media Library offers you Travel Kits All of them 2014/06/13 08:30
García- Margallo meets Business People from Asian Multinationals in Barcelona Spain 2014/03/13 17:32
New Catalogue of Courses and Workshops in Barcelona for the Second Term of 2014 All of them 2014/03/17 12:26
The 4th International Congress on Asian Tourism will place emphasis on Quality Tourism All of them 2015/10/13 13:21
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