The Bamboo School, the intercultural and inclusive education project of Casa Asia, was born in the 2003-2004 academic year with the desire to bring the Asian continent and the Pacific region closer to the school population. Our educational proposal has the general objectives:

  • Show the richness of the social, cultural and artistic heritage of the Asian continent.
  • To create and grow in the students an interest in this continent and its people, as well as to learn about the cultures of origin of their classmates of Asian origin.
  • Live cultural diversity as positive and enriching.
  • Educate in intercultural competencies.

Educational offer Catalonia

Our offer of activities is aimed at students in early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, special education, adult education and non-formal education.

Childhood education

Primary Education and Special Education

Secondary Education, Adult Training and Special Education

More information and reservations:

Imma Llort, coordinator of the Bamboo School


Deepti Golani

Economist, philologist and educator at the Escola de Bambú. She was born in India and has lived in Catalonia for years. She knows the country and the richness of its culture very well and she really enjoys sharing her knowledge with children and young people and teachers.

Yoshihira Hoiki

Artist, katari-shi (oral narrator) and educator of the Bamboo School since its beginnings in 2004. Japanese by origin who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience about Japanese culture with people of all ages. He is a great communicator and has a wide range of educational and creative proposals.

Silvia Pintado

Biologist specialized in human evolution and raising awareness of indigenous and aboriginal peoples. She has been an educator at the Bamboo School since we started in 2004. She is knowledgeable about Australian Aboriginal culture, she tells children and teenagers magical stories and leads workshops on the land of kangaroos.

Sushan Qu

Graduated in Political Science and trained as an Intercultural Mediator in educational issues for Chinese culture. She is of Chinese origin, since she was a teenager she learned to live with more than one culture when she emigrated to Catalonia. She knows very well how important it is to know the language and culture of origin well. Her workshops reinforce these values ​​while introducing new artistic-plastic concepts and techniques for people of all ages.

Elena Díaz Vilagrasa

She is Clementina Kura-Kura, born in Barcelona and interested in the world. She has a degree in English philology and a postgraduate degree in international and intercultural relations. In 2017 she went to Indonesia to study Wayang kulit (traditional shadow puppetry). Upon her return to Barcelona, ​​she creates her shadow theater company. (The gecko with boots) and always uses puppets in its educational projects, transmitting the cultural and artistic wealth of Indonesia.

Sithy Saem

Born in Cambodia. Technician in International Cooperation. She is passionate about cultural diversity and intercultural coexistence. Simple and very cheerful, she carries creativity in her heart and in her hands and she makes both paper figures or recycled materials and typical dishes from the country. She really enjoys teaching children and adults.

Fumi Kitamura

Japanese singer with experience in education and knowledgeable about the traditions and cultural practices of Japan and here. The songs and stories that she performs inspire children and adolescents in the creation of Kamishibais and new stories.

Shahida Sheri Ahmed

Founder of the Bollywood Masala Dance School, choreographer and Indian dance dancer, Dance Movement Therapist (UAB Master), philologist and sociologist. She has been an educator at Escola Bambú since 2004. She has immigrant parents from Punjab and has lived in Spain for 26 years. She has been teaching Bollywood dance since 2002. She loves working with children and teenagers making them have fun dancing and learning the culture of India and Pakistan.

Imma Llort i Juncadella

Coordinator of the intercultural and inclusive education program of Casa Asia, the Bamboo School, since 2003. Professor and specialist in international cooperation, gender and development, international trainer in education and intercultural communication in education for peace and global citizenship. She has experience in research and international cooperation in India and is the main author of the book collection “Asia, a diverse continent” (ed. Icaria, Barcelona 2002) for secondary school and of several citizen awareness games.

Other collaborators: Mariana Rico (Thailand workshops), Aiman ​​Ume and Komal Naz (Pakistan), Tamara Quiogué (Philippines), among others.

Working Methodology

To achieve these objectives, we offer various activities and workshops, as well as proposals for APS programs and activities related to international days, which vary depending on the educational level and the specific objectives we pursue.

Each activity begins by collecting the previous knowledge and experiences that the students have on the topic to develop it later. After a short presentation of the topic to be worked on, a specific participatory dynamic is proposed (non-competitive board game, traditional game, work with images, writing workshop, art or dance workshop, a representation, a role-playing game, etc. ) that allows students to delve deeper into the topic while having fun. Finally, the impressions and opinions of the students are collected, conclusions are drawn and a small evaluation is carried out.

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The Bamboo School provides some sheets where the activities or workshops are presented and ideas for further work are given and the necessary materials that the school must prepare prior to the activities are indicated.

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