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The 21st century Spanish society is and will be a culturally diverse society. One phenomenon that in recent years has contributed to the consolidation of this new cultural diversity, is the arrival and settlement of Asian communities in a seamless migration path that has generated a rich new dimension in relations between Spain and Asia.

For this reason Casa Asia has created a new line of work around Asian communities resident in Spain, which aims to raise awareness of the reality of Asian immigration in Spain and promote dialogue, understanding and interaction between Asian people and the rest of society.

The Communities' programme promotes increased participation of Asian communities in Casa Asia's events, a new type of interaction that makes Casa Asia a public space for meetings and cultural debate, an open forum where members of Asian groups can spread their culture from many diverse perspectives. Thus, within this partnership with communities, issues related to economy, society, identity, religion and multiculturalism will be approached in a new line of programming that seeks to explore new perspectives and contribute fresh ideas, the debate about immigration and cultural diversity management in the host society.

Under this line of work, Casa Asia has developed since 2008 several studies on Asian communities in Barcelona and Madrid, whose findings were presented to the public in the Series "So far, So Close: Asian Communities in Spain", a series of seminars attended by institutional representatives, authors of the studies and members of the community. Among other communities, we have worked extensively with Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Filipino and Nepalese groups.

Among other activities and initiatives, we include the organisation of "Women's Corner", a monthly gathering that provides an outreach and discussion to women of different cultures living in Barcelona in order to discuss issues of common interest such as the migration routes and the identity, health, education, work, traditions, religion and values, etc. In the same vein, we have designed a series of seminars that aims to bring together Spanish and Asian young people to debate on various issues (political, cultural or social) from an intercultural perspective.

Casa Asia has developed this new line of action to cooperate actively with agencies and institutions working in the field of immigration, and in harmony, reciprocity and continuous communication with the many Asian associations established in Spain, which offers powerful new channels of dissemination and outreach activities of their culture.


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