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Dialogue: To understand a “China outside of China”

2019/10/04 13:12

Irene Masdeu, Carles Prado and Xavier Ortells, three doctors in Translation and Intercultural Studies of the UAB, participated in a dialogue organized by Casa Asia on October 3rd to talk about Chinese migration and transnational identities, with the title of “Focus on China , understand the world.”

Minohara: "Japan is in a moment of 'to be or not to be'"

2019/10/02 11:56

Dr. Toshihiro Minohara, one of Japan's best foreign policy experts from Kobe University, presented on September 27 a conference organized by Casa Asia to discuss Japan's current geopolitical relations and its development in the new Reiwa era.


“Asia is more than China, even though its weight and influence in the world is greater and greater”

2019/02/01 10:03
This headline is one of the conclusions that are compiled in the document that summarises the main thoughts that arose at the two discussion tables of AsiaMedia seminar, held last 20th of December at Casa Asia Headquarters and that gathered correspondents and former correspondents that work or have worked in the Asian continent.

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