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Two yachts to sail in the middle of North Korean crisis

The Italian tax police Lucca (Tuscany) has seized two luxury yachts orders by Kim Jong-il and ready to be transported from Viareggio to North Korea. The seizure was made under international sanctions adopted by the UN resolutions.

Summit between the USA and South Korea: Strategies and Questions before the North Korean Nuclear Challenge

The increase of military tension continues in the Korean peninsula. North Korea carried out on the 25th of May a second nuclear test and launched on the same day and the next days several missiles of short range. It was a relative surprise because Pyongyang had already announced that on the 25th of April they were preparing a new test as a proof of rejection to the sentence of the UN before the ballistic test of the 5th of April. The Security Council of the UN approved of, on the 13th of June, by unanimity its fifteen members, among which China and Russia stand out, the resolution 1874 which established more political and financial sanctions to the North Korean regime. But it toughly reacted the following day announcing that it would continue enriching uranium in its reactor of Yongbyon to increase its arsenal and even did not hesitate to threaten with a possible nuclear test and with the launch of ballistic missiles aiming at the US territory (Alaska and Hawai Islands).

Vicente Ferrer dies after a whole life devoted to cooperation in India

Vicente Ferrer, one of the most relevant world figures of the century within the field of cooperation, has died at the age of 89 accompanies by his family and close collaborators in his house of Anantapur, where he has worked the last 40 years of his life to struggle against poverty and social inequalities.

The Strange Couple that will Reform India

They make a strange and complementary couple. If the current and next Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, contributes his experience and knowledge for the Government of India, the young heir Rahul Gandhi has placed a great part of the votes on the table in the most solid victory of the Congress Party since 1991. The Congress, party that struggles for the independence of India and that has spent five decades in power, leads the Asian Giant again thanks to the new vitality of the Gandhi dinasty. Even though many people in the country criticize a formation whose strength is a political lineage, what cannot be denied is that the last generation Gandhi/Nehru has achieved to attract new voters.

North Korea: Ambitions and Nuclear Threats

North Korea still increases the military tension in Northeast Asia. The process of negotiation for its denuclearization within the framework of the Group of the 6 is not moving forward and it hasn't been brought together since December 2008. Pyongyang did not allow the USA or the AIEA to carry out a direct and irrefutable verification in their premises of documentation about their nuclear programme. From January its political confrontation with Seoul increased, which has negatively affected the economic activities of the industrial complex of Kaesong. Then showed its fury to Washington and has rejected the sending of humanitarian aid offered by the USA. They have even rejected to receive in Pyongyang the US representative Stephen Bosworth in two tours which, in March and May, he carried out to have consultations with the members of the Group of the 6.

Under the fire of tradition

Habib Royan doesn't know his age. She doesn't find it relevant either. What matters is that her and her family have managed to escape with life from Buner, a beautiful valley Northeast of Pakistan turned into a battlefield between the Army and the Talibans. "I miss my house", she says still traumatized after two weeks of bombs. The ferocity of the combats have made them descend to the withered plains of the neighbouring district of Swabi, a but further South. Her, her mother and brothers suffered more than gunshots, there were, like many other women, collateral victims of purdah, Pastun tradition that does not allow women to be seen by men of other families. "My father works in Dubai and there was no other man to take us out", Habib Royan explains. They remained locked in their houses with hardly any food.

The Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi, arrested again

The leader of the Burmese opposition and Nobel Peace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi, was moved this morning to the prison of Insein, in Rangoon, where she will be judged regarding a supposed visit of a US citizen to her house, where she lives under house arrest. Political analysts believe that the trial could be a movement of the Military Junta that rules Burma to delay the freedom of Suu Kyi, who this month will have been under house arrest for six years, the maximum allowed by the Burmese law.

Photos and Experiences of a Spanish Grant Holder with the Kazakh Nomads of China

"In China, which is already so modern, Kazakh nomads are out of place with their medieval economy", José Luis Mejías assured, awarded this year by Casa Asia with the Ruy de Clavijo Scholarship, to carry out a photographic and anthropological project about this nomad village in Altai, a region Northeast of China.

BAFF, Asia and a lot more

In the panorama of film festivals in Spain, there are those that are subsidized, defined, out of focuse and absurd. Then we have BAFF. The Barcelona Asian Film Festival closes its eleventh edition this Sunday slightly more modest due to the crisis but with a feeling of an independent festival, on a financial level and regarding the programme, and its excellent welcome of the public are still untouched. An edition that shows, once again, it has shown the public of Barcelona again the good work of its programmers, Amaia Torrecilla and Carlos R. Rios, with a selection that includes the most acknowledged names by the BAFF public with what's new by Takeshi Kitano ('Aquiles and the tortoise'), Naomi Kawase ('Nayano'), Hirokazu Kore-eda ('Still walking'), Jia Zhangke ('24 city') and Kim Ki-duk ('Dream'). An edition that this year has not included the thematic presence of the filmography of a country as it is usual, but that offers a privileged space in its different sections for the new Philippine cinema.

Political Instability and Economic Crisis in Thailand

Thailand has suffered for more than three years a period of political instability that is displayed at the confrontations between the two main parties and political groups, who support and do not support the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, removed in 2006 by a bloodless military coup carried out with the royal assent. A political 'tsunami' with periodical replies is attacking the Thai life and has left more marks that the one that destroyed the coast of the country on the 26th of December 2004. The coincidence of the political instability with the world economic crisis in a dangerous drift to a country that also covers other social and territorial conflicts, mainly in the three southern provinces bordering Malaysia that have mostly Muslim population of Malay language (80%).

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