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2018-2019. Casa Asia's Bamboo School: 15 years working for interculturality and inclusion

2018-2019. Casa Asia's Bamboo School: 15 years working for interculturality and inclusion

We're starting up a new year with stimulating educational proposals and learning programmes and intercultural and intergenerational community service addressed to different educational levels, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the Bamboo School.

Before the year ends we will celebrate it with a crowded event with the participation of students, teachers and involved institutions.

Soon after opening Casa Asia, coinciding with the Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona in 2004, the Bamboo School was created in order to approach knowledge of Asian cultures and societies to the young population of the country in a context of increase of foreign immigrants, of greater diversity in educational centres and of the creation of the first policies of diversity recognition in all its complexity.

The programmes of the Bamboo School contribute to broaden the knowledge of students and teachers on cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic diversity of Asia and the Pacific that are more and more present in our environment through immigration. The main objectives of our programmes are to break stereotypes on immigration through knowledge and positive interactions, to create bonds among people from diverse cultural contexts, to value their knowledge and contributions of a more diverse and inclusive society, to contribute to the intergration of immigrants and to a better social cohesion.

Activities, with different topics and methodology, are dynamised by educators of Asian origin that at the same time they contribute knolwedge and dynamise the groups encouraging cooperative work and inclusion, become posiitive models of success for diverse students that struggle to find their place in the group, in their educational centre and in society.

Casa Asia's Bamboo School has the recognition as a quality educational programme in quality of ICE of the University of Barcelona and APS programmes we develop have the recognition of Jaume Bofill Foundation.

As a novelty we offer educational centres the possibility to work the APS programme "Stories to read, stories to create" addressed to the final stage of Primary Education and ESO, in collaboration with students and teachers of a school of a country they decide to work on (China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Australia), which makes learning more interesting, encourages intercultural communication abilities of students and promotes inclusion.

We're sure you will find projects and activities of your interest if you are teachers, leisure educators or parents of AFAS.

For more information contact Imma Llort, Casa Asia's Bamboo School Coordinator (, 666571836).


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