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Casa Asia > Dr. Cheong Seong-Chang: “North Korean missiles are not a threat for the United States”

Dr. Cheong Seong-Chang: “North Korean missiles are not a threat for the United States”

Dr. Cheong Seong-Chang, analyst of the Sejong Insitute of South Korea, one of the best think tanks of the country, has taken part this Tuesday at Casa Asia to analyse the situation of the Korean peninsula.

According to this expert it is not very likely that North Korean will carry out its treat of launching missiles in the island of Guam, territory that belongs to the United States.

“This is due to the fact that the precision of North Korean missiles is very low nowadays, and if these missiles finally fell on Guam it would cause a war with the United States”, eventuality that this expert has rules out. Also, he has assured that the US anti-missile defence system would intercept any projectile from North Korea.

“Even if military tensions increase in the Korean peninsula, the possibility of a war in the region is very low, because the People's Democratic Republic of Korea lacks enought military capacity in order to go on a prolongued war with North America”. Instead, Dr. Cheong has been less optimistic on the consequences for South Korea and Japan if an attack is made by their North Korean neighbours.

To avoid the growing military tension in the Korean peninsula, the analyst of the Republic of Korea has suggested that the international community must put pressure on China to limit Kim Jong-un's intentions of improving its nuclear programme and of intercontinental missiles, and to force them to suspend their petrol supply.

If China puts pressure on North Korea with all its options -that include banning Chinese citizens to travel to the country, block illegal trade, interrupt petrol exportations, stop all importations and repatriate North Korean workers in China,- North Korea would not have any other option than to revise its current nuclear policy to avoid economic collapse, he added.

On the other hand, Cheong Seong-Chang has affirmed that the South Korean government must not give up its efforst in establishing a dialogue with North Korea with the purpose to achieve a peaceful resolution in the Korean peninsula, but also "it mus avoid doing politics based on the "good will" of their neighbours”. This is why, he has said that "if Kim Jong-un's regime continues focusing on improving its nuclear capacity and of long reach missiles and rejects negotiations with South Korea and international community, his country should focus on a "change of regime" and at the same time reinforce its military capacity.

The roundtable has also included the participation of the Director General of Casa Asia, David Navarro, who has condemnes the repeated threats by the North Korean regime and has remembered that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain has declared the Ambassador of North Korea as "persona non grata" who has been informed that he "must resign and leave the country before the 30th of September”.

We must bear in mind that Kim Jong-un's regime of North Korea crossed a red line when last 3rd of September it carried out its 6th nuclear test with a hydrogen bomb. The explosive power of this nuclear test is 10 times stronger than the atomic bomb that the US launched on Hiroshima in 1945.

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