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Bamboo School educational programs of Casa Asia, with the Seal of Quality of the University of Barcelona

Bamboo School educational programs of Casa Asia, with the Seal of Quality of the University of Barcelona

After receiving the Seal of Quality of the University of Barcelona, ​ Casa Asia's doors are open again for all those educational centres that would like to carry out Bamboo School activities at the headquarters of Sant Pau's Modernist Venue.


The Institute of Educational Sciences of the University of Barcelona and the Council of Pedagogical Coordination of Barcelona City Council have granted this year the Seal of Quality for the educational task of the Bamboo School, the program of intercultural and inclusive education of Casa Asia.

This is a recognition of the work that has been done since 2003, working each course with eighty schools, 1,400 students and hundreds of teachers and  through various projects, activities and workshops in addition to promoting awareness of Asia and the Pacific region and its people, recognize the richness of multiculturalism and the need to educate in intercultural communication skills to contribute to a more just, respectful and cohesive society.

As well as next activities, you can enjoy an adapted guided visit (Read more) .We consolidate the offer of the Learning and Service Project (APS) “Stories to Read, Stories to Tell” offering 6 different countries. It consists of a transversal project that works on the competences of oral and written expression of students at the same time it promotes learning from practical situations and offering a community service. A dedication of 30 hours in total is planned. We advise to work on it as an intensive project or shared out throughout the year.

The educational centre chooses the country that will be worked on, they will lend stories from Casa Asia Media Library, they will read them and in groups they will create new stories, illustrate them, and present them with a specific support of the country and they carry out a community service. Read more

Countries and supports: India, China, Japan, Australia, Cambodia and Indonesia.


We continue with “Poems that approach us”, exchange project of poems between educational centres and traders. This project was started at Fort Pienc Neighbourhood (2014), it was taken to Sant Antoni (2015) and possibly to Passeig Gaudí (2016).




- Asian Routes in Barcelona: India, Persian culture, Pakistani Ramadan Evenings.

- Uncover your Eyes. Breaking Stereotypes. Workshop-game for CSP and ESO that aims to fight against stereotypes regarding immigration.

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