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Joy under Sakura flowers: the festival of Hanami


Observe and admire the beauty of the flowers. Just as nice as spring brings with it the good weather making the cherry (Sakura) blossom, from south to north to the islands of Japan since March in the islands of Okinawa to May in the island of Hokkaido.

"Seeing flowers", or Hanami in Japanese, is the tradition which take all japanese people to look forward to the time of flowering each year; with it, the celebration of the arrival of good weather becomes a nice picnic with family, friends or colleagues in fields and parks under a warm shelter of pink and white petals.

From ancient tradition, with origins in the Nara Period as entertainment imperial aristocracy, the Hanami is today one of the most expected festivals for all Japanese. It was in the Edo period when it extended to the samurai and ordinary people, being nowadays a fascinating spectacle full of symbolism. At that time, the most admired flower was the plum but gradually, starting in the Heian Period, cherry captured the attention and admiration in this event. And Sakura was the flower that, over time, has finally became the official flower of Japan.

Waiting for the good weather; a new start

More than a hundred different types of cherry trees, Somei-Yoshino as the most common, differ in size, shape and color of its petals. They are the stars adorning lakes, parks, gardens, mountains, temples and palaces throughout the country with the arrival of spring, forming clouds of soft color with its petals. The sakurazense, the prognosis of their flowering, is announced each year with great anticipation for the Met Office and the media. The expectation to enjoy the floral spring show permeates the spring atmosphere and results in some companies sending employees to reserve the best places at the foot of the trees Nippon; others come in the morning to keep the place for family and friends.
The country of the rising sun held numerous artistic performances , concerts and poetry readings (haiku) by Hanami time; tastes local specialties flavored benthos, sweets, sake and dangos while the meeting; talks cheerfully and performes the tea ceremony at the foot of the ephemeral flowers of Sakura.
The party lasts until the night called Yozakura. Thats is the moment where lanterns illuminate the cherry under the moon in parks like Ueno in Tokyo or Naruyama in Kyoto.

Symbol of change and new beginnings. In addition to receiving the warm spring, Hanami celebration marks the traditional start of the new school year and the Japanese financial year. Observe the beauty of the cherry blossom is for the Japanese a symbol of brotherhood and a new coming era, worthy of a so important celebration that mobilizes around thirty million people in Japan.

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