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The 2nd Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women with the presentation of the Casa Asia Award 2011

The 2nd Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women with the presentation of the Casa Asia Award 2011

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The 2nd Meeting of Asia and Spanish Women ended with the presentation of the Casa Asia Award 2011 to two participants: Zainah Anwar and Ratna Osman, founder and current director of Sisters in Islam, the NGO that was granted to award due to its firm committment to promote women's rights in the world.

The award was presented by the former Vice President of the Government María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, at a ceremony hosted by the journalist Rosa María Calaf where the General Director of Casa Asia, Juan José Herrera de la Muela, also took part.

Casa Asia Award for Sisters in Islam

Sisters in Islam is a non-profit-making organization of Muslim women that aims to articulate the rights of women in Islam, highlighting the need to interpret the Koran in its own historical and cultural context. This group, made up of several Malaysian female lawyers, activists, academics and journalists, defends women's rights to hold public posts, and addresses its efforts towards the promotion of rights in global of Muslim women on the base of principles such as equality, justice and freedom imposed by the Koran. The main contributions of the NGO have focused on the areas of research, law, the legal reform and publications.

The jury of the Casa Asia Award 2011, brought together last 20th of June at Casa Asia Headquarters in Barcelona, was made up of Luis Felipe Fernández de la Pena, General Director of North America, Asia and the Pacific of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Senén Florensa, General Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Catalonian Autonomous Government (Generalitat); Ignasi Cardelús, Delegate of Presidency and Institutional Relations of Barcelona City Council; Fernando Delage, Director of International Relations of the Madrid City Council; Xavier Torras, Director of We are Water Foundation; Inma Riera, MP of the Congress of the Parliamentary Group of CiU; Manuel Ollé, teacher at the University Pompeu Fabra; Ángel Sala, Director of the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival and Anne-Hélène Suárez, teacher at the University Autonomous of Barcelona. The then General Director of Casa Asia, Jesús Sanz, acted as the President of the Jury.

Conclusions of the 2nd Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women

The presentation of the Casa Asia Award 2011 rounded off the 2nd Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women, a conference that was held on the 7th of November at Casa Asia and brought together more than 30 men and women of the political and social field around six roundtables under the general title of «Globalisation and Local Realities». The State Secretary of Immigration and Emigration, Anna Terrón, opened the meeting and highlighted the role of Asian women in Spanish immigration in the last years and especially for their work capacity and ability to start up business.

The conference was closed with a reading of conclusions and four key ideas were shared:

1. Care is a good of general interest. The virtuous circle must be promoted and favoured: good carers, good care and good society.
2. It is necessary to rethink the social model, in a collective and participative manner on a local and global level.
3. Women must be identified as agents of social change as the case of the role Muslim women play.
4. Importance of the application of the international, national and local legislation in gender violence, sexual exploitation traffic, emigration, labour and citizens' rights, etc.

These are the conclusions of a meeting that aims to debate on the effects of globalisation, on local realities from the point of view of the situation and the aspirations of women from different Asian societies. This 2nd Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women was possible thanks to the starting up of a Network of Asian and Spanish Women last year in Barcelona, in collaboration with UN Women, the entity for gender equality in the United Nations. Since then, the meeting is established as a space for debate and exchange of ideas and proposals with the purpose to promote a better understanding of the challenges and problems Asian and Spanish women face in the construction of the future of their societies.

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