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CLOSED TEMPORARILY by remodeling and adaptation of the space to adapt to the new headquarters of Casa Asia. The Casa Asia Media Library, a multimedia documentation center on the Asia-Pacific region, plans to resume the service that has been offered to its users, once they have completed the work to adapt the new space located on the Can Tiana site, where is the new headquarters of Casa Asia in the Bolivian street, 56 of the 22 @ technological district.

As soon as possible, it will be informed of the specific opening date of this center.

For more information, call 93 368 03 43.

Casa Asia's Media Library is the only centre of multimedia documentation in Spain specialized in the area of Asia and the Pacific. It contributes to the departments of the institutions, to different areas of action of Casa Asia and to users their services and knowledge in the fields approached by its collection as well as in librarianship. Therefore, it must consolidate, maintain and preserve the collection, its access to the installations and resources.

The main purpose of the Media Library is to approach Asia to Spain from different disciplines that make up the knowledge to offer a whole perspective of Asian culture in its different manifestations, such as philosophy, religion or social sciences, fine arts, among others, bringing together all the supports that are currently admitted as witnesses of social and cultural life of countries, this is, books, music, films, academic magazines, online resources, etc.

Casa Asia's Media Library counts on a collection of 17.000 titles in different supports (books, DVDs, CDs) available through its online catalogue with the possibility to loan the material. As well as the monthly novelties and recommendations, we highlight the Alain Daniélou collection, a reading room, a multimedia area with access to Internet and WIFI, as well as the Asian routes on literature, music and cinema of China, India and Japan.

Among its services to citizens, the Media Library provides bibliographic advising and answers to personalized consultations, access to resources and information sources, such as databases, free access magazines, libraries and digital collections, shops, restaurants, centres and associations, among others. We also highlight that the Infoasia Service, which offers activities organized by the departments such as courses, exhibitions, lectures and job offers.

In addition, the department is responsible for the documentary heritage of Casa Asia, this is the archive of the institution where lectures organized by Casa Asia are preserved and it offers access to them, as well as edited publications and catalogues, among other documentation.

Rules of the Mediateca


For more information consult rules of the Mediateca

Access to the Installations


To access the Media Library for the first time it is necessary authorize your acces with your personal details (name and surnames and ID) a day before you plan to you on 93 368 07 38 or by e-mail [email protected]






Casa Asia – Media Library / InfoAsia
Recinto de Can Tiana c/ Bolivia, 56
08018 Barcelona Phone +34 93 368 08 36
[email protected] / [email protected]




In order to use the lending service of the Media Library, it is necessary to register at the information desk with your ID or Passport.

For more information consult the lending service.

The audiovisual room is equipped with multimedia computers where you can navigate in Internet, use ofimatic programmes, watch films and listen to music.

For more information consult the rules of the multimedia área.

Equipped with wireless technology to listen to music in situ, it includes traditional and contemporary music of the region of Asia and the Pacific, the lectures of events held at Casa Asia and Alain Daniélou Legacy can be found.

For more information consult the rules of the Phonoteque.

Room with 16 reading points that allow to connect your personal computer and equipped with wifi. In this room you can consult the collection of novels, comics and the children’s section.

For more information consult the online catalogue .

Information point about Casa Asia’s activities: courses, exhibitions, lectures, among others. We also offer bibliographic advising, source of information, resources, work offers and personalised consultations regarding Asia.

Section that includes all the specialised collection in language learning in several formats: books and audiovisuals.

For more information consult the online catalogue.

It includes printed monographies about philosophy, religion, social science, natural science, applied science, fine arts, literature, history and geography, always related to Asia and the Pacific.

For more information consult the online catalogue.

In this section you can find the cinematographic collection of around 50 countries of the region of Asia and the Pacific and documentaries regarding different topics.

For more information consult the online catalogue .



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