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Asian Routes

Asian Routes


With the purpose to spread the musical, cinematographic and literary collection of the Casa Asia Media Library, we present the project called “Asian Routes” that consists of a series of guides, prepared in a didactical way in order to lead and approach users who do not know about music, cinema and literature of Asian countries. They are available for their consultation in paper at the Media Library and in digital format at the website of Casa Asia.

The Asian Routes are organised by countries and medium. Each one of them contains an initial text that serves as a general introduction to music, cinema or literature of the country. In every guide, users will find a selection of CDs, DVDs and books and from Casa Asia Media Library that we recommend to those who would like to get to know Asian cultures and to learn about traditional instruments, cinematographic movements, and literary authors, among others.

Online Musical Routes

Parallelly to the Musical Routes, which are available on paper and in digital format, Casa Asia Media Library offers the Online Musical Routes thanks to Spotify, a free service of music distributed in Internet. These recommendations are made up of playlists, each of which are associated to a country and a musical genre of the different regions of Asia and the Pacific.
These are the lists published until now (PDF Format)


Australian Route: Book, Music and Film Recommendations


Musical Routes: Japan
Musical Routes: India, tradition in transition
Musical Routes: India, the Tireless Well
Musical Routes: China, the new revolution
Literary Route: Japan
Literary Route India
Literary Route: China
Film Route of India
Cinema Routes: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Thematic Guides


The seven thematic guides we present are made up of different information regarding the region of Asia and the Pacific available at the Media Library. The purpose of these resources is to create a permanent online advice and consultation tool where users can find varied and useful content, such as films that are based on the adaptation of a novel, the biography of a famous figure, which publishing houses publish about topics related to the Asian continent or in which libraries of Spain we can find old repository, among others.

The thematic guides are the following:



National Libraries

National Libraries are institutions that aim to preserve and spread the bibliographic heritage of the country they are in. They have at least one printed copy of the work, also produced in other formats.

These libraries are characterised by having unique and historical collections, which makes them different to the rest of libraries and it highlights their value of centre that spreads the culture of a country.

This resource includes 40 references of National Libraries located in the region of Asia and the Pacific, with contact data and links to the websites of the institution.


The purpose of this resource is to present people that given the importance of their ideas or actions inspire us and contribute a valuable teaching. Through a brief note about their lives, their thought and an ellaborate selection of materials about them can be found at Casa Asia Media Library, we invite you to approach them.

Del libro al cine
From Books to Films

Cinema and literatura often go together. This is why it isn’t strange for directors such as Clint Eastwood or Rob Marshall to have adapted novels by Asian authors or set in countries in Asia and the Pacific for the screen.

Through this selection, we will discover the novels that have inspired films as well known as the Oscar winner Slumdog Millonaire or Devdas, one of the most expensive Bollywood films that you can enjoy at Casa Asia Media Library.

Publishing Houses

Within the cultural field, publishing houses stand out for having an active and innovative role in the search for current affairs and they tend to have the ability to plan ahead for the demands of the most demanding readers.

We can find publishing houses that suit all tastes: those that specifically approach travel literature or those addressed to the youngest. Others that promote practical books about handicafts, those that make us have fun with a good historical novel or those that awaken our palates with all sorts of recipes.

In this resource there is a selection of publishing houses that approach Asian topics where you can find interesting information about their trajectory, their collections and the works that are available at Casa Asia Media Library.

You can also consult the Publishing House in publication format.

Ferias del libro
Book Fairs

Book fairs are a meeting point for publishing houses, writers and for the public in general. In this dictionary we offer more than 50 references to the main fairs organised in Asia and the Pacific with a short description, contact details, the website and the regularity of the event. Among these references we include second hand book fairs, comics, children’s books or old books, among other kinds.

Fondo antiguo
Antique Archive

This resource approaches libraries, archives, documentation and research centres in Spain, where primary information sources published before 1800 about Asia and the Pacific can be. The antique archive of every organisation is described, as well as the type of documents they are, the centuries they were published in, with details of the area or country the work is about. Moreover, this resource highlights some of the titles that each institutions has in the aforementioned collections.

Premios literarios
Official Language Schools

The Official Language Schools (EOI) constitute a wide network of centres dependent of the Autonomous Universities addressed to teaching modern languages. Chinese, Japanese and Korean can be studied, among others. In this resource we point out the Schools where any of these three languages can be studied, as well as a bibliography with a list of documents used. The bibliographic references recommended by these schools could be changed by their teachers in their classes. This resource is completed with a bibliographic list of the material that is available at Casa Asia Media Library.

Asia en la televisión
Asia on Television

Lately many television channels have devoted different programmes to Asia and the Pacific: travels, culture, religion or interviews with personalities, among other topics, have been the protagonists on television. But which are the programmes that have been broadcast regarding this geographic area? On what channels? This resource will help you locate them: every television programme will guide you to a list with a selection of the most representative episodes that have been broadcast.


Thematic Bibliographies


Thematic bibliographies that can be found here are a selection of documents and resources that approach current affairs or a topic of interest. The purpose of these bibliographies is to place documents at the disposal of readers in order to help them learn about specific topics of the Asian world and the Pacific, such as travel kits, aimed to help travellers prepare their trips or bibliographies about Asian gastronomy that offer cooking recommendations to discover other cultures. In these recommendations you can find books, documentaries, fiction films, music and lectures available at Casa Asia's Media Library, as well as links and specialized blogs.

kits de viaje
Kits de viaje

Los kits de viaje son una herramienta que ponemos a disposición de los lectores que tengan intención de viajar a países asiáticos o del Pacífico. En estos kits encontramos recomendaciones de libros, documentales, música y enlaces, así como datos prácticos sobre el país y recomendaciones para los viajeros.
Travel Kit for Burma
Travel Kit for Cambodia
Travel Kit for India
Travel Kit for Indonesia
Travel Kit for Japan
Travel Kit for Iran
Travel Kit for Malaysia
Travel Kit for Nepal
Travel Kit for Singapore
Travel Kit for Thailand
Travel Kit for Tibet
Travel Kit for Vietnam
Travel Kit for China

Asian Gastronomy

In this bibliography we present a selection of resources focused on describing Asian gastronomy. You can find book references and documentaries with recipes, as well as venues where Asian products and ingredients can be found.

Encuentra tu equilibrio
Find your Balance

Yoga, Tai-Chi or Shiatsu are some of the natural terapias that help our health, In this selection we present a large number of book references, DVDs and music to find your personal balance. In addition, we invite you to listen to the Spotify list "Tiempo de relax" to help freeing ourselves from everyday tensions.

Día Internacional de la Mujer
International Women's Day

Owing to the International Women's Day, a selection of resources about novela, films and lectures focused on the role of women in Asian countries has been made. We invite you to discover the trilogy by the Indian director Deepa Mehta or the tragic life of Benazir Bhutto.
Bibliography 2012


What book do you feel like reading? Choose a book depending on your state of mind. We offer you a selection of titles about adventures, love, intrigue, historical, tragedies and a long etcentera that will deepen you into the Asian world. Discover the adventures of Qiu Xiaolong or travel to the Prohibited City with Anche Min.

Librarytherapy 2012
Librarytherapy 2013
Librarytherapy 2014
Librarytherapy 2015
Librarytherapy 2016
Erotic selecction/a>
10 años al servicio de la lectura
10 Years at ten Service of Reading

Owing to the tenth anniversary of Casa Asia, the Media Library has made a compilation of the multiple publishing novelties presented at the institution throughout the 10 years since its creation. Together with every reference we will find a link to the lecture so we can listen to it online and get to know about the words of the authors.


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