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Casa Asia's Media Library, multimedia information centre about Asia and the Pacific, interrumpts its public service. In order to return lended material, users can ring 93 368 07 38 or send an e-mail We will soon inform you of the service reopening.

Information for Media Library users
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Qué comer en Japón, hay vida más allá del sushi

Bonet, Berta; Bardolet, Jesús

Spreadsheet on the typology of Japanese food. All its dishes and specialties of its culinary culture. More than 250 types of food. More than 300 photographs that illustrate all your dishes. All the...

China fast forward

Vicente, Sergi

What do we know about China today? No, really: what do we know?Surely as little as when Sergi Vicente landed there in 2002 with some notions of Mandarin and the idea of ​​teaching English for three...

Confesiones de amor

Uno, Chiyo

Considered one of the most memorable love stories of Japanese literature, this novel addresses one of the most complex, and in many ways taboo, aspects of personal relationships in Japan: the marke...

Manual de un monje budista para liberarse del ruido del mundo

Matsumoto, Keisuke

We open our eyes with the sound of the alarm clock, we listen to music in the car or on the bus while our cell phone rings. In the city we are invaded by noise. The siren of an ambulance, the rumbl...

El Otro Kioto

Kerr, Alex ; Arlyn Sokol, Kathy

Kyoto has become the most tourist city in Japan, and one of the most visited cities in Asia. Its attractions are known all over the world: the Arashiyama promenade, surrounded by long bamboo poles,...

Sushi, ramen, sake

Goulding, Matt

Sushi, ramen, sake is one of the most ambitious and comprehensive books on Japanese culture and cuisine from a Western perspective, is an exciting journey into the bowels of Japan's fabulous culina...

Los ciempiés también van al cielo

Ruiz-Canela, Gaspar

Los ciempiés también van al cielo. Crónicas mágicas de Tailandia is a mixture of essay and travel book about Thailand in which to immerse yourself in Thai religious eclecticism, which collects co...

El Mar alrededor

Hulme, Keri

El Mar alrededor is one of the most important and rich literary works of the contemporary New Zealand narrative. After the rejection of the manuscript by the main publishers of the country, its fir...

Taoísmo. Ying-Yang, Feng Shui, Tai-Chi, Falun Gong

Vázquez Borau, José Luis

Taoism is an ancient tradition of Chinese philosophy and religion which is deeply rooted in customs and in the way of seeing the world. Taoism is based on the Tao, a word that means path and that c...

Bhagavad Gita: el mundo es teatro

González Cruz, Iván

This book establishes a novel analysis and interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita that provides another vision about its conception and importance from the revelation of the dramaturgical keys hidden ...

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