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Cuentos y leyendas de los maoríes: un pueblo de Oceanía

Merleau-Ponty, Claire y Mozziconacci, Cécile


Concierto de piano

Miyakoshi, Akiko


Mi amiga Kemushi

Mandana, Sadat i Dargent, Nathalie

Will the butterflies remember that, when they were small, they were caterpillars? This is the question of a friend of Kemushi the caterpillar, after observing how she endures with optimism the harsh winter, grows, changes and, when spring arrives, she leaves her little house in the garden of cherry and plum trees ...
Parents and teachers will enjoy this book intensely with the children. They will also be able to take the opportunity to talk with the children about the cycle of life, the wait, the time and the changes that they themselves will be suffering and accepting with joy.





Cancioncitas de rosa y azafrán

Grosléziat, Chantal y Fronty, Aurelia

28 songs, lullabies, couplets and finger plays from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in a varied and charming repertoire, full of fascinating sounds, which brings together both classical and traditional music and some brilliant Bollywood hits.
Each and every one of the lyrics of the songs are reproduced in their original alphabet, also transcribed in Latin characters and then translated into Spanish. At the end of the book, a commentary section explains the origin, the cultural context and the instrumentation of each theme.





La historia de Pingru y Meitang

Rao, Pingru

Her name was Meitang and she was for him an anchor in a raging world. They met very young, love flourished slowly and they were destined to form a normal couple, like so many others. However, the turbulent XX century reserved them a road full of obstacles. First, defending their country against the Japanese invasion; then, after the wedding, fighting against the insurgent communists led by Mao Zedong; and later, after the defeat and the entrance in a field of reeducation, to live separated during more than twenty years, until the change of regime opened the door to the desired reunion.


Ediciones Salamandra


Cuentos y leyendas de Vietnam

De Lassus, Edwige

Located in Southeast Asia, between sea and mountains, Vietnam is a land of great climatic contrasts where several people coexist. Despite the conflicts, the millennial influence of neighboring China and the US occupation, Vietnam has managed to preserve and transmit its ancestral culture and traditions through numerous stories and legends. Considered, according to the cases, precepts of life or remedies against the evils of existence, these myths evoke the origins of a world in which men, animals and spirits cohabit and dialogue. The Viet people, who live in the plains under the protection of their father the Dragon, and the mountaineers, who stayed with their mother the Fairy, learn with them why the croaking of the toad announces the rain, why the fur of the tiger has black stripes, or how to cure all evils with banyan leaves, the magic tree ...




El círculo del destino

Mohanty, Raja; Rao, Sirish; Raut, Radhashyam

Garuda, the eagle of Vishnu, sees the lord of death approaching a beautiful bird. Garuda does not want him to die and decides to save him. But who can stop death? Who can dominate the future? This story is a shocking parable about destiny and love.


Ediciones Ekaré


El monstruo de Mongolia

Ganbaatar, Ichinnorov

In this traditional Mongolian tale, young Gonan pursues the fearsome monster Mongas to the steppe to avenge the destruction of his village. There, they decide to fight in a duel consisting of three tests.


Ediciones Ekaré


Issun Bôshi


There were once a couple of peasants without children who hopefully sang: "We want a child, even a small one, little one ..." His wish was fulfilled and Issun Bôshi was born, "he who is not taller than a thumb". The little one decides to go to the city, where he lives happy moments. A giant pursues him, but he is much more astute. Based on a Japanese folktale.


Ediciones Ekaré



Goldstyn, Jacques

Azadah, a little Afghan girl, is lucky enough to meet a German photographer. At the moment when her friend has to go back home, the girl asks her to take her with her, because she wants to discover the world, the arts, literature... All those things that the photographer has talked about. Azadah feels that if he stays in her country, her future is concocted in advance...

This album of little text, just enough to put us in situation, is revealed through the magnificent illustrations that invite the reader to discover not only the sincerity of the relationship between the two friends but the many possibilities offered by the world, so many times silenced by guns or by meaningless laws and policies.

This is the particular tribute that Jacques Goldstyn wanted to make to the photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus, murdered in 2014 in Afghanistan. Although in this book, the thirst of knowledge and freedom that Azadah feels stands out more than the figure of the photographer. The author is a master in the art of recreating hard and captivating realities immersing himself in the heart of his characters that give his stories a vibrant and hopeful air.



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