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El xacal multicolor: un conte de l'Índia

Barcelona Multimedia

This DVD for children between 5 and 8 years old contains five cartoon stories.

En Podna i la Podni: un conte de Pakistan

Barcelona Multimedia

This DVD, for children between 5 and 8 years old, is part of the collection 'Contes d'arreu del món' (stories from around the world).

The Diversity of Music of China

Several artists

A walk around the musical history of the Asian Giant: From the most ancestral tradition to the most recent underground, in this CD-book format with a great presentation. Content of the CD: 1.- Holy Incense - Sa Dinging 2.- Off String - Chang Jing 3.- Koino Bakansu - Jiang Xiaoqing & Fei Jianrong 4.- Ye he wan shi xing - Zuoxiao Zuzhou 5.- Sanaaljal - Urna 6.- Feng qiu huang - Da Qiao Xiao Qiao 7.- Mou tian xia wu - Zhong tong xi 8.- The River Of Rain - Fei Jianrong 9.- Saima - Cao Xuejing 10.- Zuojiaodiao - Yan Wanhua 11.- The Ambush - Liu Fang 12.- Chang Xiangsi - Zhu Changyao 13.- Donzoku no sato no yoru - Li Kinchi 14.- A Long Journey - Dalilu Han 15.- Kansangetsu - Nanjing Song 16.- Hanjing Canxue - Dai Shuhong And Others

El pinzell màgic: un conte de la Xina

Several authors

This DVD, published in 2005 by Barcelona Multimèdia, includes stories of the world and it is recommended for children between 5 and 8 years old.

The Blue Lotus. Tintin Adventures


Hergé met Tchang Tchong-Jen, a young Chinese student of art at the Louvain Academy of Fine Arts. They got on well soon and became good friends. (We can recognize it in the character Tchang, the Chinese friend of Tintin). Through long conversations with Tchang, Hergé managed to deepen into the knowledge of the culture of China, moving away from the clichés that Chinese people have about Europeans, absolutely far away from reality. The friendship with Tchang lasted all their lives, in fiction and reality.

El xacal multicolor: un conte de la Índia

Barcelona Multimèdia

Este DVD para niños y niñas de 5 a 8 años contine cinco cuentos de dibujos animados.

El pirata Garrapata en Pekín y el mandarín Chamuskín

Juan Muñoz Martín

After Garrapata's last adventure, accounted in "El Pirata Garrapata en China" (Tick Pirate in China), this funny incident arrives with Mandarin Chamuskín. In this constant peregrination around the world, Garrapata and his loyal partner, Carafoca, have been imprisoned in a terrible Chinese prison. But both pirates do not surrender before anything. He manage to escape and reach the court of Emperor Shi Hoang Ti.

Las alas del sol

Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Perdut a Bombai

Francesc Miralles

Eric and his family travel to India to visit an uncle of his. During the trip, Eric gets lost in Bombay, a city with more than fifteen million inhabitants and where hundreds of cows wander about. There he finds Krishna, who helps him find his family and lead him to a mysterious and fascinating land. A novel of adventures, discoveries and friendship in the exotic city of Bombay, where eric will learn to live in India. Indicated for readers from 9 years old and over (orange version of the collection El vaixell de vapor). Novel edited only in Catalan language.

Unos padres para Aruna

Lourdes Alsins

Hello, my name is Aruna and I would like to tell you my story. I am an adopted child in India. I was born in Calcutta three and a half years ago and when I was 18-months old my parents went to look for me to my country. Aruna's story is a nice story about the adoption of an Indian gril which covers the issue of diversity and international adoption. Children from 4 years old.

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