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The GovernAsia Programme aims at giving all the information about the situation of governance in emergent or developing countries of the region of Asia and the Pacific, through different mechanisms of action. The website places at disposal of everyone in an updated and innovative manner all the information about the main fields of governance: Institutional development, citizen participation, the State of Law, economic institutionalization and social development. In the first two years of work the analysis was focused on the Philippines, China, India and Vietnam. Bangladesh, East Timor and Cambodia have been added to these countries.

This work of information and awareness about the situation of these countries in each of the aforementioned fields is also carried out through the organization of seminars, lectures and work conferences, about different issues such as: The challenges and opportunities of Vietnam after its entrance in the WTO, Africa: the new Chinese border or The mechanisms of empowerment of Asian and African women in times of crisis. Moreover, the promotion of multidisciplinary investigations, the three-monthly publication of the GovernAsia Newsletter and the technical advising in projects linked to international cooperation.

The International Conference of the GovernAsia Programme is the main annual event, which brings together outstanding Asian representatives of the economic, academic and political world, together with representatives of the main agents of the Spanish society such as Ministries, Autonomous Communities, City Councils, NGO, Foundations, Universities or companies. In its last editions several issues have been debated: Social responsibility of foreign companies in China, Digital Cities and e-governance in Asia and Microcredits for the development of Asia and Africa.


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