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In this section you will find job offers related to Asia and the Pacific sent by private companies and international organisms.

If you are a company or institution and would like us publish your job offer in this section, you can send us your offer, in Word or PDF format, or a link to your website to the following e-mail:

If you are a company devoted to the selection and hiring of human resources, please contact us directly at the aforementioned e-mail.

In all the employment offers it is necessary for you to indicate a contact e-mail and/or website those interested can send their candidature.

Casa Asia is certainly not responsible for the content of published offers, and is not an employment agency because the purpose of this section is exclusively to disseminate job offers.


List of Job Offers related to Asia-Pacific
Date Offer Place
2015/10/23 10:14 Babysitter with Mandarin Chinese
2015/10/22 18:49 Young Asian with oily skin to ad TV Madrid
2015/10/22 18:41 People with oriental features for audiovisual project Madrid
2015/10/22 18:37 Teens (16-23 years) with oriental features for ad TV Madrid
2015/10/19 10:39 Administrative export with native Chinese Córdoba
2015/10/15 15:26 Chinese consultant for Digital Marketing Practices Madrid
2015/10/15 15:17 Volunteer with native Mandarin Chinese Madrid
2015/10/14 11:51 Volunteering of catalan teacher for youth Chinese Barcelona
2015/10/13 16:01 Communication Specialist with Native Chinese Language Barcelona
2015/10/08 16:45 Technical Marketing - BILINGUAL MANDARIN CHINESE- SPANISH Madrid
2015/10/06 18:10 Engineer Trainees with japanese, hindi or korean Parets del Vallés (Barcelona)
2015/10/06 15:37 Casting for TV advert Barcelona
2015/10/06 15:19 Chinese Mandarin Babysitter Terrassa (Barcelona)
2015/10/05 14:51 Commercial Security Systems Madrid
2015/10/05 10:46 Legal Counsel bilingual Mandarin/Spanish Madrid
2015/09/30 12:52 Chinese inspector Barcelona
2015/09/30 12:38 Telecommunications and/or computer with Chinese Barcelona
2015/09/29 10:20 Casting Barcelona
2015/09/25 11:10 Chinese Shopping Assistant Barcelona
2015/09/22 18:51 Translation and write kanji Barcelona
2015/09/22 17:53 Online business practices for the tourism sector (Mandarin) Barcelona
2015/09/21 11:29 Chinese Administrative Import/Export Department Barcelona
2015/09/21 11:27 Chinese Administrative Shopping-Import Department Barcelona
2015/09/21 11:24 Chinese Administrative International Logistics Department Barcelona
2015/09/18 11:18 Casting Coca Cola - Chinese men Barcelona
2015/09/17 10:24 Practices in Tourism and Events - Chinese and English Barcelona
2015/09/16 15:47 Chinese tour guide Barcelona
2015/09/16 10:59 Beauty advisor for Korean cosmetics shop Madrid
2015/09/15 15:43 Assistant Comercial Wuhu, Anhui (China)
2015/09/10 15:59 Casting TV show Japanese people Madrid

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