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Who are we?

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Casa Asia was created with the will to strengthen the knowledge and dialogue about Asia in Spain, with the analysis and discussion of civic, political, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues, supporting activities and projects that contribute to a better knowledge between Asian and Spanish societies, and to promote the development of relations among them.

In the recent decades, the region of Asia and the Pacific has been outlined as one of the most dynamic geographic centres of the planet because it has become the area of greatest demographic and economic growth of the world. It must be highlighted that it concentrates more than 50% of the human population and it produces around 30% of the world GDP and it will be doubtlessly one of the keys of the 21st Century.

Therefore, it consists of building a project based on collaboration among all the agents interested in Asia and the Pacific, with a vocation of service and with the aspiration of becoming a reference regarding this part of the world. With this purpose, Casa Asia was created in 2001 with a consortium made up of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, through its Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona and Madrid City Councils.

From the beginning, Casa Asia has turned to new technologies in order to approach both societies. For this reason, the technological platform of Casa Asia aims at becoming an open window to all those interested in learning and sharing knowledge about Asia and the Pacific and it would like to be an intercultural communication space where not only information of the activities of Casa Asia in all its fields can be found, but also specialised information and multimedia contents regarding this area of the world.

Casa Asia staff


David Navarro
Director General

Ángel Aranguren
Assessor Executiu de Direcció General

Silvia Pascual
Secretària Direcció General

Montserrat Riba
Secretary General

Neus de Campos
Coordinadora Secretaria General

Adelaida Rodríguez
Human Resource and Administration Manager

Jordi González
Financial Advisor

Amadeo Jensana
Economics and Business Director

Guillermo Martínez Taberner
Senior Project Manager-Economics and Business Department

Rafael Bueno
Politics, Society and Education Director

Yasmin Paricio
Politics, Society and Education Deparment Coordinator

Gaëlle Patin-Laloy
Senior Project Manager-Diversity and Interculturality Programme

Menene Gras
Culture and Exhibition Director

Rodrigo Escamilla
Culture and Exhibition Department Coordinator

Oihana Montilla
Media Library Director

Marta Moreno
Media Library Coordinator

Josep Casaus
Communication Director

Marta Ballada
Senior Project Manager-Communication Department

Oriol Gironès
Communication Department Coordinator

Amaia Judge
Communication Department Coordinator

Cristian Moreno
Logistics Maintenance Assistant

Francesc Sempere
Logistics Maintenance Assistant

Teresa Gutiérrez del Álamo
Programme Director-Madrid

Elvira Bodi
Programme Coordinator-Madrid

Carmen Bedoya
Economics and Business Department Coordinator-Madrid

Cécile Senén
Education Department Coordinator-Madrid

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