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Asia House promotes initiatives and projects that contribute to a better understanding, dialogue and relations between the societies of the Asia-Pacific region and Spain. The Casa Asia Award, which is given annually, aims to recognize and publicize the work of individuals and entities, public or private, that have encouraged this objective and / or have carried out outstanding tasks for the dignity and human rights in the Asia-Pacific region.

The 2011 Casa Asia Award was delivered to the Malaysian NGO Sisters in Islam, an organization of Muslim women that aims to articulate women's rights in Islam, highlighting the need to interpret the Koran in its own historical and cultural context.

Rules of 2012 Casa Asia Award

Awarded Prizes


Ex aequo

Professors of the Spanish Department of the University of Foreign Studies in Beijing, for their task of training specialists and promoting the Spanish language and culture. On its behalf, to its director, Professor Liu Jian.

Mr Liu Ji, Executive President of the China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS) of Shanghai, for his career in teaching business management in Europe and Asia.

Professor Raimon Panikkar, for his brilliant intellectual career linked to India and his efforts in promoting dialogue between the cultures of the East and West.


Ex aequo

Ms Mukhtar Mai, for her struggle for the rights of women, justice and dignity of the people of Pakistan.

Coordinator of Non Governmental Organisations for Development in Spain, and to the correspondents for Spanish media in Asia, for their efforts in creating awareness and solidarity towards the victims of the Tsunami.


Ex aequo

To the SUMA collection of Spanish Art of the Prefectural Museum of Art of Nagasaki and to the Marugame Hirai Museum in Japan for their endeavour in the dissemination of Spanish Art and Culture.

The jury highlighted with a special mention the vote of the Parliament of the Philippines in order to abolish the Death Penalty. A commemorative award was given to the President of the Lower House, Mr José de Venecia.


Ex aequo

To “The Publishing House of Chinese Popular Literature” for spreading Spanish literature, and especially for creating a collection of novels in Spanish written by women.

To Monsignor Kike Figaredo, in Cambodia, for his struggle to help and rehabilitate the victims of land-mines and for his contribution to human development.

An special mention was given to the candidacy of Veer Bhadra Mishra and Abdul Batin Nomani for their contribution to peace and harmony between Hindu and Muslim communities in India.


Ex aequo

To the NGO Chingari Trust for their huge task helping the victims of the industrial disaster in Bhopal, India in 1984.

To the Pakistani journalist and writer, Ahmed Rashid, for his determination in the struggle for freedom of speech and press in Pakistan.


Ex aequo

To the Spanish EFE News Agency for its extensive professional career, service and informative work in the Asia-Pacific area since 1963, and on its behalf, to Miguel F. Rovira, dean and delegate of EFE, based in Manila, and in charge of information in South-East Asia.

To the Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe, author of the opera and suite for orchestra Quirós, based on the Spanish navigator Pedro Fernández Quirós, and for the strengthening of cultural ties through music between Spain and the Pacific.


Ex aequo

The International Dunhuang Project (IDP in its abbreviations) is a multidisciplinary project created in 1994 and centred in research, catalogation and preservation of manuscripts and materials found in the Chinese city Dunhuang, related to the archaeological heritage of the Silk Route, and in the creation of a digitalized and online free access database ( with information and images about thousands of paintings, objects, fabrics, manuscripts and historical maps, at the disposal of researchers, academics and users.

The Senator Edgardo J. Angara is one of the Philippine politicians that has mostly been committed to the promotion of Spanish language and culture and in the encouragement of relations between Spain and the Philippines. Angara was the promoter of the Day of Spanish Philippine Friendship.


The NGO Sisters in Islam, a Non-Government Organization of Muslim women that searches to articulate women's rights in Islam, highlighting the need to interpret Koran in its own historical and cultural context.

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