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TMC Scholarships "COSMOS"

With the next Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo in 2020, the further internationalization of Japan is being increasingly promoted. Tokyo Management College (TMC) offers the TMC Scholarships to international students who want to study and work in Japan so that they will become globally competitive individuals.

Information of the Grant

Place of the Grant
Language Grants
Area of Knowledge
Start-Date of the Call
End-Date of the Call

Regular: Tuition 300,000 yen + Entrance fee 90,000 yen + Teaching material fee 45,000 yen + Facility maintenance fee 25,000 yen ⇒Total of 460,000 yen Tuition fee 300,000 yen exempt

Note:Entrance fee 90,000 yen + Teaching materials fee 45,000 yen + facility maintenance fee 25,000 yen

Total of 160,000 yen becomes student actual expenses.


Information and Application

Academic Requirements

Recruitment qualification:

Person who corresponds to all of the following:

(1) Those who received Japanese language education at a Japanese language education institution or high school / college.

(2) A person who read the application guidelines carefully, filled out the format (resume) prepared by our school, and returned the same to the designated address.

(3) A person who received a letter of recommendation from a Japanese language education institution, etc., or a teacher who belongs to (or was belonging to) when submitting the above-mentioned documents.

(4) Those who can study in Japan from October 2019.

(5) Those who can obtain a visa that can stay as a Japanese student.

(6) Those who can comply with the rules, etc. set by the university.




Other Requirements

Application Procedures:

Download and fill out the resume format from the website, attach it to an e-mail with a letter of recommendation from the Japanese language institution you belong to (or did), and reply to the designated address.

Additional Information

The purpose of this scholarship is to contribute to the development of students who want to study language in Japan and improve their career. For this reason, scholarships will be provided to foreign exchange students who receive a letter of recommendation from a Japanese language education institution or a teacher who belongs to (or was belonging to) the institution.



Tokyo Management College

Information of the Calling Entity

Calling Entity
SOSHI Education Group Tokyo Management College, Global Study Center
Futamata 625-1,
Ichikawa-chi Chiba
+81 47-328-6161
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