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Maori costume

Maori costume

The Maor are indigenous tribe that lived on the islands of New Zealand, after emigrating from other islands located in the Pacific Ocean. They are known for their characteristic appearance (emphasizing tribal tattoos), traditional dances and their legends.

You need:

  • Newspaper
  • White paper
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Scissor


For the skirt: Pick up a sheet of newspaper and stretch it horizontally, leaving the sheets side by side. Now we are going to cut them: take the scissors and you make cuts upwards, vertically, but not reaching the end of the sheet.

For the tape: Take a couple of blank sheets and tape them with tape. Now, cut a strip about 3 centimeters wide. Long, make sure you turn the head.

Ahora que la tienes recortada, coje los rotuladores y pinta una cenefa de rombos rojos y negros, uno al lado del otro. Cuando la tengas toda decorada, póntela en la cabeza y ciérrala con un poco de cinta adhesiva.

Cuando lo tengas todo, busca en casa un jersey y unos pantalones de color marrón y un pañuelo de color rojo. Encima de los pantalones irá la falda: cójela y póntela alrededor de la cintura cerrándola con un poco de cinta adhesiva.Encima del jersey, el pañuelo rojo, rodeándote el cuerpo. ¡Ya lo tienes!

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