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The firefly that didn't want to fly

The firefly that didn't want to fly

This popular story comes from Thailand and talks about a little firefly that doesn't want to fly with the rest. Why? When you discover it you may feel identified with her as maybe something similar may have happened to you.

Deep in Thailand, inside of an exotic forest, lived once a big family of fireflies. Their home was the trunk of one of the oldest lampati trees in the whole country. At night, they exited their comfortable tree in order to illuminate the night with their faint greenish light; they seemed like little stars dancing. They played with each other by forming shapes in mid-air; the few that by chance could see that wonderful show were astonished by that festival of beauty and light.

But not all the fireflies were happy, the smallest one refused to leave the lampati to go flying. She wanted to stay home one day after another and no one in the family could convince her otherwise. She wouldn't attend to reasons, no matter how much sense they made.

All the family was worried for her, including her parents:

- Why is it that our daughter would not fly with us? I would like that to happen instead of seeing her staying home every night - said her mother.

- Don't worry my wife. It's just a phase; you'll see that soon it will be over in no time and she will fly with us - said her father trying to calm his wife.

But days passed and the little firefly still didn't want to leave the lampati. One night, when all the other fireflies flew over the dark sky of the forest, her grandmother stayed in the tree in order to reason with her. With a delicate voice she said to her granddaughter:

- What's the matter? We are kind of worried, why don't you come and have fun with us while flying?

- I don't like flying- answered the little firefly.

- We are fireflies is what we do best. Are you sure you don't want to fly showing your light to illuminate and bring happiness to the dark night? - insisted her grandmother.

- The truth is that... What bothers me is... - the little one started to explain - I'm ashamed. I don't find any sense in illuminating nothing if the moon does it better. I can't compare to her, I'm nothing more than a little spark...

The grandmother looked at her with tender eyes while listening with attention, when her granddaughter had finished she smiled and tried to calm her down:

- My dear girl, if you came with us at night you'd see something that would surprise you. There's some thing about the moon you still don't know...

- Really? What is that all of you know and I don't? - asked the little one full of curiosity.

- Well... the moon doesn't always shine in the same way. Some nights it shines so brightly that blinds you but others shine only half of it. There are even some days that only a little part shines or it hides completely leaving all the work to us, fireflies.

- What? Is there days where the moon does not even come out? - asked the little firefly with her mouth open due to surprise.

- I promise it, my little girl. - Her grandmother continued explaining - The moon always changes, sometimes it grows and sometimes gets smaller. Sometimes is enormous and in very strange occasions it turns red. Finally it turns invisible under the clouds and the shadows. But, you little firefly will always shine with the same intensity and the same light...

So that night, the little firefly came out of the lampati convinced along with her entire a family to illuminate the night. Meanwhile, she looked at the moon with a big smile.


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