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Documentary: "Sadu, Indian ascetics"


Sadu or baba are those men who have given up all those things in life to try to achieve union with divinity. For this, they even get to use one leg for years, they cover their body with ashes and they give up getting dressed.

Meet one of those babas that speaks Spanish!

Mysticism is an immediate, direct, intuitive of God or of an essential reality, acquired by means of personal religious experiences. There are great variations in the form and intensity of the mystic experience. However, the authenticity of that experience does not depend on the form, but only on the kind of subsequent life.
Mystic life is characterized by an increase of productivity, serenity and happiness, whereas the inside and outside aspects are harmonized in union with what's divine. Complex philosophical theories have been carried out with the objective to explain the phenomenon of mysticism, including its manifestation in certain secular creeds of apparent atheists.

Hindu mysticism
Hinduism might be the religion with the most ancient tradition of mysticism. In Hindu philosophy and in a very noticeable way in the philosophic system known as Vedanta, the self or atman of a person is identified with the supreme ego or brahman of universe. It is considered that the apparent separation and individuality of beings and events is an illusion (in Sanskrit, maya) or a convention of thought and feeling. This illusion can be dispelled achieving the essential identification of atman and brahman. When the beginner religious person has overcome absolute ignorance (in Sanskrit, avidya), which depends on the apparent possibility of separation between subject and object, between ego and non-ego, a mystic state of liberation or moksha is achieved.

The Hindu philosophy of yoga includes the most complete and rigorous discipline ever designed to discover the feeling of personal identity and to clear the way for an experience of union with the other divine ego. For its own tradition, mysticism has been in the sphere of sadhus, which achieve extreme merits of asceticism in the fulfilling of their devotions, like for example to use for years one leg or to give up clothes. Similar ways of acting are considered as a corollary of the spiritual battle to achieve the mystic liberation.

India (official name, Bharat Juktarashtra, Republic of India), federal republic located in the south of Asia, which includes, together with Pakistan and Bangladesh, the called Indian subcontinent. India is the seventh most extense country of the world and the second most populated country after China. From a geographical point of view it is made up of the Indian peninsula and parts of the Asian continent.
It is limited in the north with Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan; in the south with the strait of Palk and the gulf of Mannar, which separates it from Sri Lanka, and the Indian Ocean; in the west with the Arabic Ocean and Pakistan; to the east with Burma, the gulf of Bengala and Bangladesh, which almost separates the northeast of India from the rest of the country.
Officially called Republic of India (in Hindi, Bharat Ganarajiyá), it is member of Commonwealth. Together with Jammu and Kashmir (whose juridical-territorial definite statute is still not determined), India has an area of 3.165.596 km². The capital of India is New Delhi and the biggest city if Bombay.

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