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Film Series: "IMAGINEINDIA Indian Cinema 2017-2018"

Ciclo de cine:

Casa Asia presents a new film series with a selection of movies directed between 2017 and 2018, with India as the panoramic axis, of the daily lives of individuals that represent the vast majority. The geography of the poverty dominates the successive dramas that are depicted in each of these 5 movies, which are being projected during this month of March.

The landscape of insecurity constitutes the setting of all the stories narrated, with the intention of discovering the hidden and silenced lives although not any less significant for this reason. Only one of the five films is from Sri Lanka, but we have created this opportunity for its inclusion in this monographic because of the proximity to the themes its deals with. None of these movies usually gains access into the commercial circuits, and for this reason it seemed interesting to repeat the collaboration that we have been maintaining since a while with ImagineIndia International Film Festival to gain access to this minority cinema. It is a cinema that is a long way from the Bollywood genre and clearly tends to assert its view about the society based on the defence of pluralism, human rights and gender politics. A necessary cinema but that is not always within reach, since the cinematographic industry prefers to identify leisure with entertainment. The critical look that covers the films: Light in the Room (2017), Purdah (2018), Earth (2018), The Death of Us (2018) y Unsaid (2018) dedicatedly talks about the strength of a political cinema as this one as an instrument of denunciation that should interest all audiences.


Saturday 2nd of March 2019, 8pm

LIGHT IN THE ROOM, Dir. Rahul Riji Nair | India | 2017 | 102 min

With the background of a small village on the top of a hill surrounded by dense forests and an abandoned tea plantation, Sudha’s story coincides with that of many women that live in the precariousness as common as it is talked about. A woman with few resources comes to this village after getting married to Chandran. The pair lives in the house of Chandran’s brother and his old mother. The only room of this house has a strange light, that often changes colour, Chandran calls it the invention of his life, to manipulate Sudha attacking her privacy in order to harass her. Adding to the problems that she already has, Chandran for his part wishes to exercise physical dominance over Sudha. In these dramatic circumstances, Sudha realizes that she has no support and decides to fight for her survival, taking time out to prepare for vengeance against Chandran and his brother.

Saturday 16th of March 2019, 8pm

THE PEANUT SELLER, Dir. Etienne Sievers | India, Alemania | 2018 | 19 min

This short film narrates the story of an orphaned ragpicker in New Delhi trying to look for a man who could help him find his mother.

PURDAH, Dir. Jeremy Guy | India, USA | 2018 | 71 min

The youth with an independent mindset of the Mirza family have ambitious dreams for their lives and careers. In spite of its seriousness, they are faced with an uphill battle of a Muslim conservative family in Mumbai, India. Kaikasha Mirza fell in love with cricket as a child, but she was prohibited from playing it and was obliged to be a spectator with her burkha. Kaikasha’s elder sister, Saba, also has her own dreams for her career and yearns to become a model. Nevertheless, she suffers harsh critics for wearing a niqab to interviews. Purdah is a documentary that follows each of the women in this family, fighting to overcome all the unexpected critical situations, like the poverty and the intense social pressure that is put against them and their dreams.

Saturday 23rd of March 2019, 8pm

PAANGSHU (EARTH), Dir. Visakesa Chandrasekaram | Sri Lanka | 2018 | 85 min

Paangshu (Earth) revolves around Babanorna (Nita Fernando), a laundress that belongs to one of the lowest castes of Sri Lanka. Babanorna is summoned in to an identification line up where she identifies Lionel as one of the paramilitary men who kidnapped her son during the insurgency of 1988/89. On the other hand, Indika (Jagath Manuwarna), the young public prosecutor, shows less or no interest in helping Babanorna find her missing son, Namalee (Nadie Kammallaweera), the pregnant wife of the paramilitary man asks for forgiveness of the laundress. At the same time, the prolonged hearing continues in the courthouse over the months, the defeated rebels, the victorious soldiers and the ones who were crushed begin to unearth embarrassing secrets.

Saturday 30th of March 2019, 8pm

THE DEATH OF US, Dir. Vani Subramanian | India | 2018 | 76 min

Currently, the debates about death sentence are marked by the cacophony of strident affirmations. Against this trend, The Death of Us, is a silent contemplation about a series of cases in which the death sentence was declared, and was followed by execution, commutation to the perpetual chain, the acquittal or even the pardon. Talking with the ones who have been on death row or the ones involved in these types of case, we initiate complex conversations about crime and punishment, vengeance and justice, popular rhetoric and personal experiences, only for us to be confronted with the profound ethical and moral questions in time and space.

Saturday 13th of April 2019, 8pm

UNSAID, Dir. Arjun Dutta | India | 2018 | 85 min

Unsaid is a moving story of a mother and her son. The story summarizes the unique journey of Indra from his infancy, passing through adolescence until he becomes an adult man. A series of inexplicable events convert him into a man that he never should’ve been. And these three central pillars of the movie, Indra’s mother, Sathi, his father Kaushik and his father’s friend and his “favourite” uncle, Rudra, provoke this series of inexplicable events. The film travels through various gaps in time and captures the turbulent and the inexplicable situations just as the agitation that the three experience. The story centres in the complexities of various relations. It is a humble attempt to explore the love, the regret, the solitude, the grief, the search for identity and other emotions through the main characters of the movie.

2019/03/02 > 2019/04/13
2nd of March to the 13th of April.
Cinemes Girona
c/ Girona, 175
General admission: 3.5 Euros | Season ticket holder and members of Cinemes Girona: 2 Euros
Casa Asia, ImagineIndia International Film Festival and Cinemes Girona
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