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Book Launch “Las tres joyas. El buda, su enseñanza y la comunidad”, by Agustín Pániker

Presentació del llibre

Las tres joyas is a didactical introduction to the rich world of Buddhism. It is conceived for a broad public: from experimented practicers to people who simply would like more specific knowledge on the 3 great lines or «jewels» of Buddhism: the figure of the awakened one (Buddha), teachings (Dharma) and the community of followers (Samgha).

With a direct and attainable style, Pániker first deepens into the historical character Gautama Siddharta and how he becomes Buddha. Later, he goes through the essential concepts of Buddhist philosophies (suffering, impermanent, nirvana, emptiness, absence of the "I", interdependence, etc). Finally he approaches the fascinating history of the community, from its indic origines, to its expansion –and transformations– around Southeast Asia (under the form of Theravada Buddhism), Far East (Mahayana), the Tibetan world (Vajrayana) and in the contemporary West.

Welcome words:
Carmen Díez Orejas, Assistant Director of Casa Asia Centre-Madrid

José Alias, writer
Agustín Pániker, author of the book

Biografphy of the author:
Agustín Pániker is a writer, editor and director of Kairós. He is a teacher in different university masters regarding the religious phenomenon, Indian society and Asian religious traditions. He is author of books such as El jainismo, Índika, Los sikhs, El sueño de Shitala and La sociedad de castas.

2019/02/05 19:00 h
Tuesday 5th of February 2019 at 7.00pm
Casa Asia Centre-Madrid
Palacio de Cañete
c/ Mayor 69, 1ª planta
Free admission with prior registration.
Casa Asia and Editorial Kairós
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