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AsiaMedia: Seminar of Spanish Correspondents in Asia

AsiaMedia: Seminario de Corresponsales Españoles en Asia  700

This seminar is addressed to students of Journalism, Asia and International Relations, journalists with interest in international issues and/or would like to become correspondents of a media, as well as those professionals with interest in the region of Asia and the Pacific. It is organised by Casa Asia in collaboration with Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya, EFE Agency and the Research Group of East Asia of UAB.

The region of Asia and the Pacific nowadays concentrates the biggest part of the population and world trade, and is the main international scenario where there are conflicts and challenges on a global level.

Asia's contribution to the creation of new middle class, the implementation of new social use of technology, high growth rates of their economies, global flow of Asian tourists, consolidation of Asian origin new multinationals, channeling of global trade from and towards Asia, the influence of the new cultural waves from East Asia, establishment of gastronomy in the European diet, greatest participation in the world geopolitical scenario… These and other issues imply that an important part of what the "history" of our present will be is taking place now in Asia. 

Correspondents of media in Asia are direct witnesses of this reality because they carry out field work and inform of and from Asia. Nobody better than them can talk first hand about the main events that take place in this part of the world. 

Working correspondents and former correspondents of Spanish media who have developed or develop their work in Asia will take place in this seminar. They will reply to these questions: What is happening in Asia nowadays? Is there interest in Asia and the Pacific in Spain? What is interesting for the Spanish media about the Asian continent? What is correspondents' everyday work in Asia? What aptitudes does a journalist need to become a correspondent? In a digital society, which is the role of correspondents in the 21st century?


9.30am - Opening

• David Navarro, Director General of Casa Asia
• Joan Maria Morros, Vice Dean of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya 
Juan Varela, Director of Digital Strategy and Business, Agencia EFE
Blai Guarné, Coordinator of the East Asian Studies Programme of UAB 

10.00am - First Roundtable. Asia-Pacific Region. What interests the Spanish media? The Role of Correspondents in the 21st century.

• Macarena Vidal, Chief Correspondent of El País in China 
• Isidre Ambrós, Former Correspondent of La Vanguardia in Asia
• Sara Romero, Former Correspondent of Antena 3 in China. Foreign Affair Editor of Antena 3
• Vicenç Sanclemente, Former Correspondent of TVE in China. Assistant Director of Radio 4 (RNE)
• Lluís Miquel Hurtado, International Correspondent in the Middle East 
Moderator: Maribel Izcue, Former Correspondent of Agencia EFE in Manila, Delhi and Tokyo. Editor and Business Manager of Revista 5W

11.45am - Coffee break

12.00h - Second Roundtable. How to become a Correspondent in Asia: Training, Aptitudes and Practical Advice. A Correspondent's Daily Life.

• Mavi Doñate, Correspondent of TVE in Asia
• Pablo M. Díez, Correspondent of ABC in Asia
• Sergi Vicente, Former Correspondent of Televisió de Catalunya in China. Director of Betevé
• Jordi Joan Baños, Correspondent of La Vanguardia in Turkey and before then in India 
• Adrián Foncillas, Correspondent of El Periódico de Catalunya in China
Moderator: Alfonso Bauluz, Former Correspondent in Asia and Senior Editor of the Mesa de Oriente of the Foreign Affair Department of Agencia EFE.

1.45pm - Minutes and Closing

Ana Salvá, Freelance Journalist based in Bangkok (2014-2018)
Josep Casaus de la Fuente, Communication Director of Casa Asia

Hashtag: #AsiaMedia

2018/12/20 09:30 h
Thursday, 20th of December 2018, from 9.30am to 2.00pm
CNMC Auditorium
Can Tiana Venue
c/ Bolívia, 56
08018 Barcelona
Free admission with prior registration. Limited capacity.
Casa Asia in collaboration with Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya, Agencia EFE and Gregal UAB
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