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Advanced Course of Marugoto Japanese Language - A1-2 Level (afternoon timetable)

Advanced Course of Marugoto Japanese Language - A1-2 Level (afternoon timetable)

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Casa Asia opens registrations in Barcelona for the second term of JFS Japanese courses, designed and made by Japan Foundation: they are the only Japanese language courses in Barcelona accredited by the Japan Foundation.

The Marugoto Japanese advanced course A1-2 in the afternoons will be held from the 15th of January to the 21st of March 2019, every Tuesday and Thursda, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. The A1-2 afternoon level (38 class hours) is the continuation of A1-1 afternoon level (44 class hours). Before registration a level test is required at

The courses of Japanese language of Casa Asia, given by experimented native teachers and with specific Japan Foundation training, are based on the teaching standards of Japan Foundation (Japan Foundation Standards), JFS, within MCER, Common European Framework of Reference for Language Teaching, a framework that divides teaching in a total of 6 levels (A1-C2), and that is already used in language centres of the main universities and official language schools.

These standards are based on a conception of Japanese language learning addressed to mutual understanding, combining on the one hand the ability to carry out a task using Japanese; and on the other the ability to understand a different culture as a result of a positive cultural exchange.

For this new study materials have been created in order to teach in a dynamic, intercultural and communicative way, whichever the student's motivation. The course is addressed to adults that live outside Japan and would like to learn Japanese to live a cultural experience through learning the language.

Information on Marugoto levels and methodology

IMPORTANT: To accede to any level higher that A1 it is necessary to carry out a level test that can be applied for sending an e-mail to, indicating the following information: telephone, years learning Japanese, used methodology, learning centre (or whether you are self-taught), JLPT/Nôken certificates, among others.


Level A1-2. Continuation of A1-1 level in the afternoons.

Beginning and ending date: from the 15th of January to the 21st of March 2019
Timetable and days: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Class hours: 38h
Registration fee: 380 Euros
Number of seats: 12

LEVEL TEST IS REQUIRED BEFORE REGISTRATION: contact to apply for the level test if you haven't passed level A2-5 at Casa Asia. Once the level test is carried out, Casa Asia will confirm the course students can register for. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO RECEIVE CONFIRMATION BEFORE CARRYING OUT THE ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Students will have, depending on availability, the service of classroom library with complementary bibliographic material to the course.


2019/01/15 > 2019/03/21
From the 15th of January to the 21st of March 2019.
Can Jaumandreu
Carrer Perú, 52
Price: 380 Euros.
Casa Asia

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