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Film Series: "ImagineIndia International Film Festival"

Ciclo de cine:

Casa Asia presents a selection of films of the last edition of ImagineIndia International Film Festival, with 5 films from Australia, China, Iran, the Philippines and  Hong Kong: King of Peking (2017), Highway 318 (2017), Blockage (2017), Bomba (2017), Out of Frame (2016).


Without this festival probably none of these films would have reached our country. This is why we have organised this film series where what pravails is a social look, defence of pluralism and equal opportunities, as well as human rights and gender policies. They are really windows to different worlds that we can't really see but we can approach through films. Social realism is within these films from a critical point of view using this support to condemn and to raise awareness.


Saturday 22nd of September 2018, 8.00pm

OUT OF FRAME, Dir. Wai Lun Kwok | Hong Kong | 2016 | 95 min

For years Tang hasn't stopped doing his "black paintings”, falling for an easy abstraction that seems difficult to introduce in the art market. Life in East Village is very competitive because there are many artists that like to be represented by a gallery. Tang, his artist colleagues and his friend Gold try to make the most of every opportunity. However, the first exhibition they try to organise is closed down by the government. Tang begins to use his own blood as a material for his paintings as a condemnation against all violence and oppression. One day a film director appears in East Village to shoot a documentary called Real Artist and she slowly becomes Tang's support. Unfortunately Tang is arrested again at a party after a private exhibition organised by Mary. This takes him to carry out  ‘Performance Art’, using his own body to express his thoughts about this cruel world.

Saturday 29th of September 2018, 8.00pm

BOMBA, Dir. Ralston Gonzales Jover | The Philippines | 2017 | 105 min

Pipo finishes the month accepting all kinds of jobs. His life is more difficult because he is deaf. He maintains himself and his teenage lover Cyril. His relationship with his boss becomes tense and Ben, his childhood friend, wants to recover his daughter Cyril. So it will explode any minute. Ralston directed his first long film called Bakal Boys, about the social condition of poor children who crawl to get scrap metal in the Bay of Manila. He then took part in a festival tour mainly in Europe and won the prizes to the Best Film in Vancouver, Turín, Barcelona and Lyon. He also achieved the prizes to the best script in Thessalnika, and at the film festivals Skip-City and D-Cinema in Japan.

Saturday 6th of October 2018, 8.00pm

HIGHWAY 318, Dir. Yunxing Nie | China | 2017 | 96 min

Almost 5000 kilometres long, the road 318 connects China with Tibet and it is one of the most odd routes in the world. Xiaojia one day meets Suona of Tibet: Each one of them went on a long journey for different reasons, but they have one thing in common because they both thought that this way they could delete their mistakes of the past. Approaching loneliness, fears and regrets they want to find consolation. This tough journey through long valleys and mountains full of snow will take them floser to a deep inner journey and of meditation. Route 318, which is tough, misterious and impressive at the same time, could become a path to redemption. This prime opera received the Special Mention Free Spirit at thel 33rd Film Festival of Varsovia.

Saturday 13th of October 2018, 8.00pm

BLOCKAGE, Dir. Mohsen Gharaei | Iran | 2017 | 82 min

As an officer of the local police, Qassem has to fight illegal sale on streets in Teheran, but mainly uses his position to extort merchants. As soon as his boss announces his redundancy, Qassem has to find a new alternative income source. He knows that there is a lot of money in the recycling sector, so he tries to buy a truck using his father in law's inheritance as the initial payment. His wife wants to spend that money on a house, so they don't have to bother her sister's family but behind her back Qassem goes ahead with his risky plan. In this debut of Mohsen Gharaei corruption and hipocricy mark the plot . “Don't tell anyone that I said that” is an everyday spell. The development of the heartbreaking plot is due to the impulsive personality of Qassam. Truly he is not the only one who has problems to do what's right, even when nobody is looking. Blockage won the prize to the best film in the section of New Currents of the Busan International Film Festival.

Saturday 20th of October 2018, 8.00pm

KING OF PEKING, Dir. Sam Voutas | China / Australia | 2017 | 87 min

Set in the countryside of the end of the decade of 1990 in China, the film tells the story of Jun Zhao, a father who does everything he can to get the money to pay his ex's support payment to maintain his son's custody. In this absurd comedy that can turn into a tragedy, the father turns to smuggling with the films of the cinema where he works. With his son's help, the screener, who is also a caretaker and forger, sells cheap films to his community very successfully. The film prepares the stage with the opening of a dark red velvet curtain and uses the voice of the omniscient narrator. The soundtrack, extracted from classic Hollywood films, makes this humble landscape become a great panoramic vision. The result is a tribute to cinema and film lovers because King of Peking is a tribute to those small moments in life that make it worth remembering.

2018/09/22 > 2018/10/20
Saturdays from the 22nd of September to the 20th of October 2018, at 8.00pm
Girona Cinema
c/ Girona, 175
General admission: 3.5 Euros | Price of season ticket holders and members of Girona Cinema: 2 Euros
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