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Politics and Society > Lecture Series with Correspondents in Asia. Zigor Aldama: "China, the revolution that overwhelms us"

Lecture Series with Correspondents in Asia. Zigor Aldama: "China, the revolution that overwhelms us"

Ciclo de conferencias con Corresponsales en Asia. Zigor Aldama:

The Spanish correspondent for Asia, Zigor Aldama, will deliver the lecture "China, the revolution that overwhelms us" next Tuesday 13th of March. This event will open this lecture series delivered by correspondents of Spanish mass media in Asia.

He will be accompanied by Sergi Vicente, Director of betevé and former correspondent in China, who will take part with his point of view and counterpoint to the debate. The following text is an advance to the lecture offered by this journalist that has been in Asian since 1999, specifically in Shanghai.   

Some people say that the development of China is one of the great stories of our time. And without a doubt in the journalist field few are as relevant: the economic takeoff of the most populated country, which is accompanied by a growing political influence on a global level has great repercussion all over the world and is shaping a fascinating society where the past and the future do not give time to the present.

But the rebirth of China is also hard to explain. In the first place because despite it often seems the opposite it is a multifaceted process and especially complex. In the second place, we can find the challenge of adapting itself to the speedy rhythm things happen in China: when someone thinks they have understood something, it has already changed. Finally, the foreign journalist, considered an enemy many times, must learn to avoid the obstacles imposed by the Government.

However, the challenge of talking about how the greatest transformation of history is shaped is extremely interesting. In the 19 years that have gone by since I travelled to China for the first time, the country has moved from being the factory of cheap products to leading the world in different sectors that will be key in the closest future: from artificial intelligence to 5G network or electronic payments. Society has almost completely dismissed extreme poverty and has welcomed extreme individualism and materialism. Even though the political system is what has evolved the least, youth is also more free and is educated to advance along a path that does not follow anyone's trail.

The purpose of the event is to explain how the aforementioned is made known when a country raises far apart passions such as China and show the deep changes its society is experiencing.

Presented by: 
Josep Casaus de la Fuente Ferrer, Communication Director of Casa Asia.

Zigor Aldama, correspondent of Vocento regional in Asia an collaborator of El País, and El Confidencial.
Sergi Vicente, Director of betevé and former correspondent of TV3 in China

Biographic Profiles

Zigor Aldama is a journalist. He began his professional career in 1999 and he is the Spanish correspondent with most experience in China. He currently holds the post within the correspondent team of Vocento regional in Asia and collaborates with the newspaper El País, and El Confidencial. He also works for the following international media: South China Morning Post, La Repubblica, Asian Geographic and Al Jazeera. In all this time he has covered the main events in Asia, from the tsunami of the Indian Ocean, reaching the Saffron Revolution in Myanmar orthe Olympic Games of Beijing, as well as publishing many pieces and interviewing the main Asian leaders. He signs his own photographs and has organised several exhibitions, in group and individual. He is author of the book 'Asia, burdel del mundo' (Elea, 2004). Zigor Aldama currently lives in the city of Shanghai even though his field of action is spread around the Asian continent.

Sergi Vicente Journalist. He has worked for Televisión Española como reportero local. Ha sido Corresponsal de Televisión de Cataluña en China durante 12'5 años, y ha cubierto los principales acontecimientos que han tenido lugar en Asia en este periodo (2002-2014). También ha colaborado con otros medios de comunicación como la agencia Associated Press o el diario Ara. Desde enero de 2015 es el director de betevé.

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