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Workshop: "Introduction to Chinese painting"

Workshop: "Introduction to Chinese painting"


In Chinese painting, the expression of the sense of emptiness and fullness is very important, which form energy and gesture a work contains. This energy and gesture are the basis of creation and Dao (path to the essential nature that holds all beings).

With the technique of Chinese painting, nature is understood and expressed in a fully spiritual way: trees and plants, birds, flowers, mountains and stones, fish and insects; The beings that conceal theirselves in an interior full of vitality. A painter learns to capture the essence with the mind and heart, transmitting it to his work through the four treasures of study: brush, ink, inkwell and paper.

In this workshop we will introduce the relationships between Chinese painting, its history and the technique. Although this workshop focuses somewhat more on the historical dimension and on aesthetic theory, students will also have the opportunity to practice sumi-e painting technique in the classroom. In this workshop, students will be able to acquire the basic knowledge of Chinese painting and enter this world, discovering the mystique of Oriental art.


Students will have, according to availability, the classroom library service with bibliographic material complementary to the course.

2018/01/16 > 2018/03/20

Del 16 de enero al 20 de marzo, cada martes de 19.00 h a 21.00 h
Duración total del curso y número y duración de las sesiones: 20 horas, 10 sesiones de 2 horas

Seu de Casa Àsia
Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
Pavelló de Sant Manuel
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167

Price: 128 euros

Material: 35 euros to pay directly to the teacher on the first day of the class.

Casa Asia
This course is in charge of Hsiao-Lin Liu, born in Taiwan, currently conducts her PhD thesis on Chinese calligraphy Kuang Cao and the relationship with contemporary art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.


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