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Lecture: "After Buddhism. Rethink dharma for a secular world"


25 centuries have gone by since Buddha began his teachings and Buddhism still inspires people all around the world, including those who live in secularized societies. But what does adapting religious practices to a secular context involve?

Lecturer Stephen Batchelor has been working on a philosophical, contemplative and ethical vision of Buddhism, adapted to our time. Most people continue thinking about “dharma” basically as a synonymous of religion called “Buddhism”. But is thinking about “dharma” as a religion useful?

At this lecture, within the framework of the series “Thought and religion in Asia”, Batchelor deepens into the teachings of Buddha not as a dogmatic metaphysics but as an ethical and pragmatic teaching. Understanding Buddhism as a culture of awakening in constant evolution, whose longevity responds to its ability to reinvent itself and interact in a creative way with societies it comes accross. Making a difference between the central teachings of Gotama of cosmological and metaphysical beliefs of ancient India, we will see that dharma isn't something to believe in, but something "clearly visible and immediate" in the heart of human life, right now.

Lecture in English with consecutive translation.

Presented by: 
Rafael Bueno, Politics, Society and Eduational Programme Director of Casa Asia 
Agustín Pániker, Director of Editorial Kairós

Delivered by: 
Stephen Batchelor, author of Después del budismo. Repensar el dharma para un mundo secular (Editorial Kairos) worldly recognised for his work as an author, teacher and Buddhist expert, he has been teaching for more than 25 years at the meditation centre Gaia House in the United Kingdom. Among his previous books, we highlight Budismo sin creencias and Confesiones de un ateo budista.

2017/11/16 19:00 h
Thursday 16th of November, from 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
Free admission with prior registration.
Casa Asia and Editorial Kairós
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