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Casa Asia at the Comic Fair 2017

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Within the framework of the 35th edition of the Comic International Fair in Barcelona, Casa Asia takes part once again in the general activity programme with workshops addressed to those interested in diversity culture and cultural exchange. As a result of the success in previous editions, this year we offer the public the possibility to share with the "educators" that give these workshops, disciplines related to Chinese calligraphy and culture and Japanese amigurumi.


Friday 31st of March, at 12.00am
Saturday 1st of April, at 5.00pm

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop “Chinese Drawing”
Length: 40mins, maximum of 12 people.
Hanzi (汉字) literally “han characters” (Chinese dynasty) have been used for at least 3.000 years as the written form of Chinese language. The funny thing is that these drawings are the concepts of what they represent. On the other hand, traditional calligraphy is the Chinese art of writing with characters. Chinese culture gives great value to calligraphy.

Given by: Emily Wang and Binghui Zheng
Chinese origin artists living in Barcelona and photography lovers. The research of Emily Wang is focused on the calligraphy art and cultural management. Binghui Zheng's research is focused on the field of art history.

Sunday 2nd of April at 5.00pm
Sunday 2nd of April at 5.00pm

Creation Workshop “To poeticise body imagination”
Length: 30mins, maximum of 12 people.
This creation workshop is addressed to people over 5 and it is necessary NOT to know Chinese language. It consists on experimenting, activating careation and imagination from language, philosophy and Chinese culture.

Given by: Xirou Xiao and Binghui Zheng
Young Chinese origin artist and educator living in Madrid for 4 years. He is currently working on several projects within different artistic, educational, social and cultural fields. His research work is currently focused on action art as a tool for education and social practice. Binghui Zheng's research is focused on the field of art history.

Sunday 2nd of April, at 12.00am

Amigurumi workshop
Length: 90mins.

Amigurumi is a Japanese technique that consists of weaving small dolls with shapes of animals, food or plants using knitting techniques. According to customs, every amigurumi turns into the friend and companion of its owner forever, giving protection and comfort.

Given by: Fabrizio Bottasso
Italian origin artist (Piamonte) living in Barcelona for a few years and passionate about amigurumi designing. He began to knit them because he wanted to transfer his illustrations to a tridimensional format and amigurumi style knitting allows him to do it in a creative and original way.

*Comic Fair attendees can carry out these workshops.

2017/03/30 > 2017/04/02

Thursday 30th of March: from 10.00am to 8.00pm
Friday 31st of March: from 10.00am to 9.00pm
Saturday 1st of April: from 10.00am to 9.00pm
Sunday 2nd of April: from 10.00am to 8.00pm


Fira de Barcelona
Salón del Cómic - Palacio 2.1
c/ Lleida, s/n

Stand of Casa Asia: 19


Free admission for all those who have bought their ticket at the Comic Fair (9 Euros).
Casa Asia, in collaboration with mencantoo within the framework of the Comic Fair
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