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Book Launch “La primera estrella de la noche”, by Nadia Ghulam and Javier Diéguez

Presentación del libro

On Tuesday 31st of May at 7.00pm the launch of the book “La primera estrella de la noche” by Nadia Ghulam and Javier Diéguez will be held. It consists of a witness of the suffering and hope of the women of the author's Afghan family. 

Women that with their everyday struggle and their intention to break conventions show admirable strength.

Her return to her hometown Afghanistan, where Nadia wants to meet her cousin Mersal and pay tribute to her deceased aunt, becomes a discovery of the hidden story of the women of her family, as well as of her roots and herself as a woman.

It is a story of investigations, family discoveries, questions that had been left without answers and, especially, a story that tells the reality that women live in societies so far away from ours: the way they overcome adversities and do not remain inactive before a supposed inalterable destiny.

Unforgettable, intense, honest and emotional, this is a story where readers will instinctly deepen into the everyday of Afghan society, into the life and feelings of these brave women and in the adventures of the main character, Nadia Ghulam.

Presentation hosted by:
Ana Maria Briongos, writer and traveller


2016/05/31 19:00 h
Tuesday 31st of May at 7.30pm
Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 167

Free admission with prior registration on [email protected] indicating name, surnames and ID number (NIE/passport).

Casa Asia in collaboration with Editorial Rosa dels Vents

Nadia Ghulam was born in Kabul (Afghanistan). She suffered the consequences of a civil war, hunger and the Taliban government and she survived thanks to her courage pretending to be a boy for 10 years to be able to work and earn a salary. She managed to reach Catalonia through an NGO. In her new home she is devoted to studying to be able to help her country and live her freedom. She is also author of “El secreto de mi turbante”, winner of the Prudenci Bertrana 2010 Award.

Javier Diéguez Suárez is a Catalan writer and historian and specialist in politics and international relations' texts.

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