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Seminar: "Travel Anthropology"

Seminar: "Travel Anthropology"


A tour that deepens into the most emblematic Asia with the purpose to establish an intercultural dialogue with travels as the core of the seminar.

In this context, an antropologist perspective will be kept with the purpose to penetrate into the great Asian culture multidisciplinarily: literature, history, architecture, religion and politics will be the background to display the classic tradition, in contrast with the modernity of a continent within a transforming expansion.

Every class -up to 9- last 2 hours. All lectures are interactive and count on screenings of photographs, documentary images and reading, as well as including the cartographic support required and, if necessary, music from every area of the corresponding audio.


1)     Travels as means of knowledge
Anthropological introduction to the concept of travel

2)     Asia: Great Pilgrimage
Travels and pilgrimage: the bypass of mount Kailâsh (Tibet)
A secular pilgrimage: Matsuo Bashô and The Narrow Road to the Interior (Japan)
Varanasi: betweeb moka and sasâra (India)

3)     The Sacred Architecture of Asia
Architecture and vacuity: The Temple of the Sky (Beijing, China)
Jainism and the idea of beauty: the temples of Ranakpur (India)
The symbolism of stupa. Boudhanath (Kathmandu Valley, Nepal)

4)     Geography, Culture and Religion
Hua Shan: the agostic homeland of taoism (China)
Bagan and the emergence of Theravâda Buddhism (Burma)
The bossom of culture: the Valley of Indus (Pakistan)

5)     City and mass culture
Hong Kong. Open 24 h (China)
Bangkok: the door to the East (Thailand)
Colcatta: the Bengali romantic ideal (Bengala,India)

6)     The Holy Texts: Introduction to Religious Traditions
Milinda Panha and the theory of nothingness (Buddhism)
Tao Te King. Silence and word (Taoism)
The role of Upaniads in religious atheism (Hinduism)

7)     Popular Music and Culture
The txams: ritual dances in the Himalaya (Tibet)
Manganiars and langhas: nomad music of Rajasthan (India)
Popular culture: pwe (festivals) and cult to nats (spirits) (Burma)

8)     Sculpture and Body Expression. Dance
Gandhara school: between the East and the West (Afghanistan)
Dance as an offering: sculpture in movement (India)
Idealist figures and plastic arts. The sculptural enigma of the Himalaya (Tibet)

9)     Politics and Human Rights
Kerala and marxism. A singular political experience (India)
Aung San Suu Kyi: non-violent struggle for democracy (Burma)
Tibet: exile and democratic revolution on the ceiling of the world (Tibet/India)

10)  Asia and the great commercial routes
The Silk Route: between Europe and Asia (land - trans-asian)
The Sea of China: culture and commercial exchange (China, Malaysia and Vietnam)
Journey to the country of spices: the indic route (India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia)



1. To pay the registration fee and the material to the bank account number 0081 0556 76 0001063309 (Banc Sabadell Atlàntic), addressed to Casa Asia, specifying your name, surnames and code of the course.

2. To send the receipt of the payment to specifying your name, surnames, ID or Passport, e-mail, telephone number and code of the course. To also attach a passport sized photo. Once you have received the payment receipt with you details, Casa Asia will get in touch with the student.

IMPORTANT: Seats are only guaranteed once students have sent the receipt of the payment and have received the confirmation e-mail. If the course was complete, Casa Asia would return the whole registration fee. Casa Asia reserves the right to cancel courses and in that case the complete fee would be returned. Once the registration has been carried out, the registration fee will not be returned for reasons beyond Casa Asia.

2014/04/09 > 2014/06/18

From the 9th of April to the 18th of June, Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 8.30pm (total 20 hours)

Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167


Registration fee and material: 150 Euros

Code of the course: [ANTROVIA]

Maximum number of students per class: 12
Casa Asia
Course given by Jordi Solà Coll, freelance photographer and writer, specialised in cultural spreading. He has coursed anthropology studies and Oriental religions and has published his works in magazines such as Altaïr, Rutas del Mundo, Muntanya, Vèrtex, Viajeros, Lonely Planet Magazine or Navegar. Currently, he publishes in the newspaper El Punt Avui and collaborates with Catalunya Ràdio.
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