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Asian Film Series: “New Korean Cinema”

Ciclo de cine asiático: “El nuevo cine coreano”

Casa Asia and Girona Cinemas present, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre of Madrid, the new Korean film series, which will be held between the 22nd of March and the 10th of May at Girona Cinemas. This display rescues eight films produced between 2002 and 2013 that stand out for their antropological value as they are symbols of their cultural identity.
Next screening 10th of May: "The Berlin File"

Korean cinema has achieved unexpected evolution in the last 20 years, as it is deduced from the success at different festivals and from the reception of local and international publics. The eight titles that are presented show the existence of a strong cinematographic industry the country has been able to create through several incentives in production. Directors such as Lee Jeong Hyang, Park Heung Shik, Kim Ki Duk, Lee Chung Ryul, Kim Tae Gyun, Lee Chang Dong, Ryu Seung Wan or Choi Dong-Hoon are already consolidated names of Korean cinema, who have contributed to create a "brand" with a validity that makes it essential.

Casa Asia retakes its Asian cinema programme that has already screened films at its headquarters, but this time they will be at Girona Cinemas with the purpose to give it a greater projection. With this initiative and with the support of Girona Cinemas, Casa Asia retakes its usual Saturday , as well as other series annually presented such as the Hong Kong Film Week or “Nits de Cinema Oriental de Vic”. The purpose of this collaboration is to screen films at the cinema, to vindicate its screening where it corresonds and to hold this year's Casa Àsia Film Week


Saturday, 22nd of March 2014 at 8.00pm 
The Way Home. Dir. Lee Jeong Hyang. 2002. 85’. VOSE
It tells the story of a child whose family leaves him with his grandmother, dumb and isolated in the countryside. This original proposal stands out for its surprising actress Kim Eul-boon, who at the age of 78, as well as never having acted before, hadn't seen a film in her life. The film won several awards to the Best Film and Best Script at the Grand Bell Awards and was also nominated to Best Asian Film at the XXII Hong Kong Film Awards.

Sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014 a las 20.00 h

My Mother, The Mermaid. Dir.Park Heung Shik. 2004.110’. VOSE

Saturday, 29th of March 2014 at 8.00pm     
My Mother, The Mermaid. Dir. Park Heung Shik. 2004.110’. VOSE
Jin-Guk is a rural postman. He will soon meet Yon-Sun a woman who lives alone in a hut next to a cliff. She seems to suffer attacks that make her rant. While the village see her as weird the main character fins her truly charming, a woman who lives in her own world of fantasy.

Saturday, 5th of April 2014 at 8.00pm 
Breath/Aliento. Dir. Kim Ki Duk. 2007. 84’. VOSE
When she discovers that her husband has a lover, Yeon decides to visit an unknown prisoner whose continuous suicide attempts that have been on the news. Chen is surprised when Yeon goes back to visit him but slowly the prisoner opens up to the woman. Yeon tells her husband that she has a lover and he gets jealous and follows her to prison and forbids her from seing Chen. But Yeon and Chen are closer that what her husband thinks.

Saturday, 12th of April 2014 at 8.00pm 
Old Partner. Dir. Lee Chung Ryul. 2008. 78’. VOSE
Documentary about the 30 years of friendship between an 80-year old couple and a cow. Independent work that achieved great success in South Korea, increasing its public from the premiere in January 2009 until February of the same year; likewise, it was presented at Sundance 2009, where it was also successful.

Saturday, 19th of April 2014 at 8.00pm  
A Barefoot Dream. Dir. Kim Tae Gyun. 2010. 121’. VOSE
Kim Won-Kwang was a promising football player, but is now a businessman with everything or nothing to lose raids East Timor, a country that is still recovering from the civil war. He there opens a sports shop and, as nobody can pay for the material, he decides to let children wear slippers and pay him a dollar for two months. Kim ends up training children but it isn't an easy path because some of the children are in conflict because their families are marked by the civil war.

Saturday, 26th of April 2014 at 8.00pm  
Poetry. Dir. Lee Chang Dong. 2010. 139’. VOSE
Mija és una dona gran que viu amb el seu nét a una petita ciutat coreana. És una dona excèntrica i plena de curiositat, que gaudeix cuidant el seu aspecte i exhibeix barrets amb motius florals i vestits amb vius colors. L'atzar la porta a assistir a cursos de poesia a la casa de cultura del seu barri i a escriure el seu primer poema. Busca la bellesa dins del seu ambient habitual, al qual no havia prestat cap atenció fins a aquest moment. No obstant això, un succés inesperat fa que descobreixi que la vida no és tan bonica com creia.

Saturday, 3rd of May 2014 at 8.00pm 
El Gran Golpe. Dir. Choi Dong-Hoon. 2012. 135´. VOSE
A group of international thieves led by Macau-Park (Kim Yun-seok) are ready to start up a master plan to strike a casino. But as there is no honour among thieves, each one of them organises their own personal plan to be the only one who gets the money.

Saturday, 10th of May at 8.00pm 
The Berlin File. Dir. Ryu Seung Wan. 2013. 120´. VOS
At a hotel in Berlin an ilegal arm selling is that ends up in chaos is taking place with the apparition of a North Korean ghost agent, Jong-Seong. South Korean guard of the operation is the Head of Intelligence Jin-Soo, together with the CIA. Meanwhile, Myung-Soo, a young and relentless agent, is sent from Pyongyang to investigate Jung-hee, Jong-Seong's wife who works at the Embassy of North Korea and hides a terrible secret.

2014/03/22 > 2014/05/10
From the 22nd of March to the 10th of May 2014 at 8.00pm
Girona Cinemas
c/ Girona, 175
Price of the ticket: 2.50 Euros.
Members of the cinema: 1 Euro.
Limited capacity
Girona Cinemas and Casa Asia, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre
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