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Family Day "Together we will Plant the Seeds for the Future"

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One year after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that stroke Japan on March the 11th 2011, the situation in the affected areas has dramatically improved. Yet normality still requires a longer effort to settle in the heart of the people, especially the children of Tohoku. Casa Asia and ESADE Aid for Japan bring together Spanish children and Japanese children resident in Barcelona, together with their families, in a day of commemoration and solidarity which will help to better understand Japanese culture as well as create closer ties between the youngest generations of both countries.


5.00 pm - Presentation: volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis between legend and reality

a) Mythological stories of earthquakes and volcanos in Japan and the world.
b) The tsunami in Rikuzentakata and the Satosan story
Given by Renata Piazza, Casa Asia

5.30 pm - The reconstruction, one year later: the spirit of the samurai
Demonstration of martial arts given by the Master Kozaburo Kagawa

5.45 pm - Let's paint a wall mural: we'll send a friendship message to children in Tohoku

6.00 pm - Workshops of Japanese popular culture

a) Japanese traditional music and Anime music (Japanese cartoons)
Performed by Yoko Suzuki (piano) and Alessandra Ivanoski (violin), in collaboration with Japanese students of the Japanese School in Sant Cugat and Japanese language Spanish students in Barcelona.
b) Origami or papiroflexia
Given by Mihoko Ono


2012/03/10 17:00 h
Saturday, 10th of March at 5pm
Casa Asia Headquarters
Av. Diagonal, 373
Free admission with limited capacity.
Make your registration filling in the form.
Casa Asia
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