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International Symposium "Society, Media and Technology: Japan 11.03.11"

Simposio internacional

The idiosyncrasy of the Japanese society before the crisis, the informative treatment of mass media and social media and the social use of new technologies in the management of the emergency are the cores of the international symposium "Society, Media and Technology: Japan 11.03.11", which will be held at Casa Asia next Thursday 8th of March.

The symposium aims to bring up a debate and to share some learnt lessons through three roundtables (from 9.30am) and a session open to the public ("Japan, one year later", 6.30pm), where the main speaker of each table will talk about some of the topics approached during the conference, such as the capacity of reaction of the Japanese society, the political, social and economic impact  in the country after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergency or the importance of IT and social media in the management of the crisis. In addition, this session will be repeated in Madrid on the 9th of March at an open event that will be held at Sala Alcalá 31 of the Culture and Sport Regional Ministry (6pm).

Sociologists, journalists and communication and IT professionals will be the guest speakers at the roundtables of the conference, and journalists, communicators and experts interested in getting to know about the evolution of last year's Japanese nuclear crisis since the earthquake will also be encouraged.


09.15 am - Registration

09.30 am - Welcome speech by:
Marta BalladaDirector of Internet and Multimedia, Casa Asia
Hiroyuki UenoDirector of the Japan Foundation in Madrid

09.40 am - Introductory Session "The Japanese civil society before the triple crisis: lessons, challenges and innovation"
Is the Japanese society prepared to face emergency situations in comparison to other societies? Has this crisis been different with respect to the previous due to new technologies? One year later, which has been the impact of the disaster of the 11th of March on a social, political and economic level in Japan?

Takashi Kubota, Deputy Mayor of Rikuzentakata City
Yoshio Sugimoto, Emeritus Professor, School of Social Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia.
Wataru SawamuraEuropean Editor of Asahi Shinbun, United Kingdom.

Moderated by
Joaquín Luna, Foreign Desk Editor-In-Chief La Vanguardia, Spain.

# The Japanese society before, during and after the triple crisis # Japan, a prepared country # Tsunami: a recurrent tragedy in the Japanese history # Debate on the energetic policy # Reaction of the civil society # Economic effects # Lessons learnt by the society #

11.00 am - Coffee Break

11.30 h - Second Session "Journalism in crisis situations: the media and new journalism"
What was the impact of the information generated by spontaneous social actors? How reliable are information sources in social media? Which are the new tools available in traditional media, either Western or Eastern? How can journalism ethics be applied before sensationalism?

Aiko Doden, NHK Journalist, Japan.
Tomoko A. Hosaka, Journalist, Knight Fellowship affiliate, Former Associated Press correspondent, Japan.
Sree SreenivasanJournalist and Dean of Student Affairs, Columbia Journalism School, USA

Moderated by: 
Sergi Vicente, TV3 correspondent in Beijing, Spain.

# To inform in crisis situations: journalism ethics # Social media as information sources # New journalism and traditional journalism # Journalism as a social actor: to help in crisis situations # Nuclear crisis: energetic sector, sensationalism, environmentalism and opinion # Data visualization: new journalism? # To inform from Japan and abroad # Citizen journalism

2.00 pm - Break

3.30 pm - Third session: "The social use of information and communication technologies"
How new technologies can most effectively support each other and improve resilience among networks in disaster scenarios like that of 11 March? How can social media help citizens and humanitarian organizations on the ground after a natural disaster?

Takemura Shinichi, Social Media Designer, Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japan.
Naoya Bessho, General Manager of the Chief Compliance Office, Legal Office, Yahoo Japan.
Masashi KawashimaGoogle Senior Webmaster / Manager - Global B2C.
James Kondo, Director of Twitter Japan.
Recorded interventions by representatives of Japanese NGOs.

Moderated by: 
Mònica Garriga, Director of media140, Spain.

# The use of IT in crisis situations # IT for NGOs and humanitarian aid # Adaptation of new technologies to social use # Design, construction and usability: user friendly technologies # Social media and communication # Interactive technology: information design #

6.00 pm - End

2012/03/08 09:30 h
Thursday, 8th of March at 9.30am.
Casa Asia Headquarters
Tagore Auditorium
Av. Diagonal, 373
These sessions are addressed to journalists and sociology and IT professionals. Prior registration is required.
Casa Asia, with the support of the Japan Foundation and the sponsorship of Catai Tours and Melià Hotels International
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