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Politics and Society > Conference: "Chinese Views of the EU: Disaggregating Chinese Perceptions of the EU and the Implications for the EU’s China Policy"

Conference: "Chinese Views of the EU: Disaggregating Chinese Perceptions of the EU and the Implications for the EU’s China Policy"

Jornada “Perspectiva china de la UE: analizar la percepción china de la UE y las implicaciones para las políticas chinas de la UE”  - IMG 2

As China grows in global power and influence, it is critically important for the European Union to forge aclose and cooperative relationship with it. Equally China needs good relations with the EU, which forms itslargest single market. At times of financial crisis, both sides need each other even more. The EU andChina are committed to what they call a comprehensive strategic partnership but EU-China ties have notalways been smooth. Too often, Chinese and Europeans misunderstand each other.

A more effective EU China policy has to be based on a thorough understanding of the image of the EU inChinese minds and China’s behaviour in its interaction with the EU. This seminar will present the results of a survey-based research project, co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, to pursue acomprehensive understanding of how different segments of Chinese society view the EU. It offers anopportunity to discuss the implications of this research for the EU’s China strategy with the project team andexperts from Casa Asia, with whom this event has been jointly organised.

The project is conducted by a six-member consortium led by the China Policy Institute of the School ofContemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham in the UK with Jacobs University in Bremen,the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Renmin University in Beijing, LeidenUniversity of the Netherlands, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London.

This seminar, one of a series conducted in different EU countries, will be conducted in English withsimultaneous interpretation into Spanish.



10am – 10.30am - Registration over coffee

10.30am Welcome by Casa Asia and Introduction by the Chair

Ricardo Pascoe, former director of the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham.

10.35am - Introduction

Dr. Simona Ardovino, Scientific Officer, European Commission.

10.40am -  Chinese Views of the EU: Project Overview and the Key Policy Implications

Dr. Zhengxu Wang, Project Coordinator, Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow,China Policy Institute, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, Nottingham University.

11.10am - Chinese Citizens’ Attitudes towards the EU and their Origins

Henk Dekker, Professor of Political Socialization and Integration, Leiden University.

11.25amChinese Trust in Europeans, and Chinese Affect towards European Culture –Research Findings and Policy Implications

Timo Graf, Research Associate, Jacobs University, Bremen (his co-author Jan Delhey, Professor of Sociology at Jacobs University, will join the panel discussion).

11.40amOpinions of the Chinese Elites on the Most Controversial IssuesAffecting the European Union’s China Strategy and the PolicyImplications

Profesor Dong Lisheng, Graduate School, Chinese Academy ofSocial Sciences.

11.55am – 12.15pm Break

12.15pm - Fragile Friendship: How Chinese Perceive the EU; analysis of Six Focus GroupInterviews and the Policy Implications

Richard Pascoe on behalf of  Dr. Tang Haihua, Renmin University.

12.30pm - Europe in current Chinese history textbooks and options for cultural exchangebetween China and the EU

Alexander Thies, Research Associate, Jacobs University.

12.45pm - Communicating the EU as an Environmental Actor and EU-China EnvironmentalCooperation

Dr. Li Zhang, Research Fellow, China Policy Institute, School of Contemporary ChineseStudies, University of Nottingham.

1pm - 2pm Panel Discussion and questions and answers

2012/01/13 10:00 h

Friday, 13th January 2012.

From 10am to 2pm.


Casa Asia Headquarters
Confucius Room
Av. Diagonal, 373


Free admission with prior registration:

Casa Asia, European Comision, Seventh Framework Programme of UE and Nottingham University.
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