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Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2018/04/25 19:00
Conference on Japan: Show of Amane with Shamisen and Wadaiko

Conference on Japan: Show of Amane with Shamisen and Wadaiko

Within the framework of conference on Japan, Amane duo will offer a music and dance show on Wednesday 25th of April at 7.00pm at Casa Asia's Headquarters. Amane, from Hokkaido, North Japan, made up of Yuga Toba and Chie Ogawa, is specialised in traditional Japanese songs and dances, as well as with classic instruments such as shamisen (Japanese lute) and wadaiko (Japanese drum).
Bp_mediateca Barcelona. 2018/04/25 18:30
Board Game Afternoon: "Ludoteque Space"

Board Game Afternoon: "Ludoteque Space"

Do you enjoy board games? Are you a fan of Asian culture? Are you interested in both things? Whichever your team, Casa Asia's Media Library invites you to get to learn about this fascinating and wonderful continent thanks to its Ludoteque.

Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2018/04/26 19:00
Lecture: "Alternative Future for India"

Lecture: "Alternative Future for India"

Owing to the launch of the book Alternative futures: India Unshackled, a compilation of 35 essays on the future of India, its coeditor, Asish Kothari, will approach several topics such as ecology, environmental governance, the role of India in the world, as well as future sociocultural aspects, among others.
Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2018/04/21 > 2018/04/29
Show: “Shadows that tell stories”

Show: “Shadows that tell stories”

The theatre company El Gecko con Botas presents this family show in April at Fénix Hall in Raval, Barcelona. The show invites the public to deepen into the stories and landscapes of Indonesia.
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2018/04/21 > 2018/05/26
Mongolian Film Series

Mongolian Film Series

Casa Asia turns once again to approach some recent and highlighted titles of Mongolian cinema to our public. Mongolia's cinematography is beginning to consolidate itself within the Asian panorama.
Bp_educacion Madrid. 2018/05/28 > 2018/06/20
Intensive Japanese Course for Travelling

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