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Bp_cultura Madrid. 2018/01/23 19:00
Roundtable: "The Asian Portraits of Miguel Trillo"

Roundtable: "The Asian Portraits of Miguel Trillo"

Casa Asia organises this roundtable on the Asian portraits of Miguel Trillo, after the exhibition “Cromasiaticos” curated by Alfredo Viñas in the Vicerectorate of Culture and Sports of University of Málaga, from the 5th of October to the 25th of November 2017.
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2018/01/23 > 2018/03/13
Course "Initiation to shodô"

Course "Initiation to shodô"

Shodo is Japanese calligraphy and one of the traditional arts of its culture. It is an exercise to learn to write Japanese signs, together with learning the art of Chinese ink, Japanese bamboo paintbrush and paper.
Bp_economia_y_cooperacion Madrid. 2018/01/24 19:00
Lecture "Asia in your suitcase: Japan"

Lecture "Asia in your suitcase: Japan"

At this new encounter of the series "Asia in your suitcase", Carlos Rubio, tireless traveller, author of El Japó de Murakami and Els mites del Japó and translator, individual or in collaboration, of more than 30 works of Japanese literature in Spanish, will talk about Japan where he lived for 5 years and around which he has developed his professional career for 40 years.
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2018/01/13 > 2018/01/27
Film Series of Bangladesh and Pakistan

Film Series of Bangladesh and Pakistan

Casa Asia presents a film series of Bangladesh and Pakistan with three recent titles, the directors share a long career in the cinematographic world as writers, scriptwriters, producers and they stand out for the awards they have received throughout their professional life.

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